Wanted: Photographer!

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Are you a Photographer looking to build your resume?

Like to take pictures as a hobby?

Looking to fill in some of your free time?

Usmarijuanadispensaries.com is leading a new generation of the free spirited, respectable, cannabis culture. If you live in one of the legal cannabis states across the US and want to display your talents on a bigger platform- look no further!

Cultivate your craft help these stars and stripes pave the way for our new pro- cannabis generation. We are looking for someone who can produce eye catching work with their lens.

It is as simple as taking photos and contacting us! Seriously! (For additional information view bottom of  our main page.) 

Send us close-ups, action shots, cannabis plants, adventures, music, friends, you name it!

It is as easy as capturing that moment of clarity and becoming known for it! Let us be your platform.

USMJ is steadily increasing exposure as well as a fanbase.  We are increasing in popularity as more states lean towards the Cannabis benefits and its legalization.

Feel free to email us – drop a note about your experiences and show us some of your past work.  There is a new frontier that lies ahead, do you have what it takes to create your own path in this industry?  Show us and the world your true colors and what these stars and stripes truly stand for!  Life, Freedom, and the pursuit of dankness.

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