Dude, medical marijuana dispensaries can cure your anxiety

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I’m not the first to say that medical marijuana dispensaries have the cure for anxiety

Anyone who has dealt with serious bouts of stress or anxiety understands that it can be seriously crippling. Luckily, medical marijuana has been shown to greatly reduce anxiety in those who have a chronic condition with it. This is pretty amazing news, especially considering medical marijuana dispensaries are on the way to Boston.

But I wont be the last to say that medical marijuana dispensaries hold the cure to anxiety

Here’s the thing, anyone who has ever lit up understands that paranoia can sometimes be a part of the package. You toke a little bit, suddenly you feel like you are being watched by a million unseen eyes. It can be funny for your buds, watching you freak out, but it doesn’t seem to further the idea that medical marijuana can help with anxiety.

So what’s the truth? Well, anxiety is complex, and so is cannabis. When you buy bud from anyone, just some dude that you know from a friend of a friend, then you don’t really know what kind of strand you’re dealing with. Sure, the dude might say “oh I got that good kush” but who knows if he knows what he’s talking about?

Going to medical marijuana dispensaries means that you will know exactly what kind of bud you are getting. Certain blends and strands of cannabis do a better job of combatting anxiety, so you will be able to get exactly what you need when you want something to calm your nerves.

Though studies have shown that anxiety can be calmed by medical marijuana, the research is still somewhat limited. Right now, it depends entirely on the individual. If you get super paranoid when you smoke, like every single time that you smoke, then it might mean that medical marijuana won’t do much for your system. Don’t worry, this might not mean that weed isn’t for you. In fact, you might just be doing it wrong. Edibles and vaporizers can often change up the way that weed hits your system, and going to medical marijuana dispensaries can open up your eyes to all the great shit that is available.

At the end of the day, you want to be able to sleep peacefully. If anxiety is ripping apart your thoughts, then you may want to consider visiting some medical marijuana dispensaries. Check out the merch and see if you can find some serenity.

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