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US Marijuana Organic Cotton T-Shirt



Hand Designed By Steel + Biggs

Each USMJ T-shirt is not only eco-friendly + sustainably manufactured, but Steel + Biggs hand design each and every shirt themselves. This means that each one of these hot cakes is not only fly as f*ck, but it’s also one of a kind.

We Plant Trees!

Because we’re all about them purple kush trees and that good greenery, for every shirt we sell we plant ten real trees to help combat global deforestation. TEN TREES people!


Spread The Love

Love the shirt? Love us? Love life? Post a sick pic on Instagram and tag us – @usmarijuana – and we will feature you on our account. Use the hash tag #KeepEarthSexy too, cus god knows we can’t let mother nature lose her fastball.


This shirt is made from 100% organic cotton, which is way sexier, comfier and just outright better than that conventional cotton your other shirts are made from.

In All Seriousness, Conventional Cotton Sucks Donkey D Because…

  1. It uses 25% of the worlds insecticides & 10% of all pesticides (did we mention pesticides kill 67 million birds per year)
  2. Pesticide poisoning leads to nearly 20,000 deaths per year
  3. 90-95% of all cotton world wide is genetically modified
  4. It takes 700 gallons of water to produce ONE conventional cotton shirt

Organic Cotton is Dope Because it’s…

  1. Uses 70% less water to grow than conventional cotton
  2. Chemical free and 100% eco friendly – AKA no pesticides or insecticides
  3. Not grown from a genetically modified cotton seed
  4. Doing the right thing when it comes to our planet is overwhelmingly sexy
  5. Helps reduce fossil fuel emissions

Organic Cotton is Grown and Manufactured Under Certified Fair Trade Conditions

In short, our shirts are made under ethical work conditions.

  1. Premium prices are paid when purchasing from farmers
  2. No child labor is used
  3. Employees are paid decent wages
  4. Employees are guaranteed proper health and safety standards
  5. Workers are trained about their rights

You feel us now?


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