Do you need to take a urine test if you have a medical marijuana card?

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Big fuss going down in CT town. Another judge has ruled in favor of medical cannabis for employees despite federal drug-free workplace laws.

This time in a federal court case in Connecticut a lady with a funny last name fights for her job after failing a drug test. THC came up in her system.  Even though she has a medical marijuana card for that state of employment, she finds herself starring down the barrel of a dirty cup and no job.

Healthcare worker Katelin Noffsinger disclosed to her potential employer Bride Brook Health & Rehabilitation Center that she used medical cannabis for PTSD treatment. Noffsinger was transparent about her medical use of cannabis. When she took the drug test and tested positive for THC, the job canned her potential application.

This story gets juicy!  Noffsinger then sued Bride Brook for workplace discrimination, saying “oh you jealous because I got that gas” just kidding, that is not a direct quote. However, she did sue the nursing home.

Connecticut State Flag on cannabis background. Drug policy. Legalization of marijuana

U.S. District Judge Jeffrey Meyer ruled in favor of Noffsinger, though he denied her request for punitive damages.  This is the first decision made in U.S. district court that favored the medical cannabis patient.

Judge Meyer spread some knowledge on all the anti-weed or pro- dickhead citizens of our country by ruling that the federal Drug Free Workplace Act, which many employers cite when requiring drug testing, does not actually require drug testing and does not prohibit federal contractors from employing users of the medical cannabis if it is used in accordance with state law. Medical cannabis patients are explicitly protected against job discrimination under Connecticut’s medical cannabis laws.

FUN FACT: Connecticut State motto is “Qui Transtulit Sustinet” which means “he who transplanted still sustains” which I thought was a pretty bro motto for CT, matter of fact any state.  Especially if you know anything about weed you know the word transplant, word. 

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