Travel With Marijuana Legally In Canada

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So you’re telling me that our friends north of the border can travel with up to 30 grams of chronic while traveling wherever they choose to as long as they stay within their country’s borders? Damn, that is so cool.

When federal legalization goes into effect in Canada, citizens will be allowed to travel with their stash.  Just a few short months ago Canada became the second country in the world to legalize recreational weed. The Cannabis Grant allows any Canadian citizen over the age of 18 the right to possess up to one ounce of marijuana and grow up to four plants, this bill also has put forth new regulations for how Canadians can travel with their legal weed from province to province.  In less than two weeks Canadian homies will be flying all over their country with that fat sack.

What does 30 grams of flower look like?

For those of you who have never bought an ounce of weed before, let me enlighten you on what 30 grams looks like. So, 30 grams is just 2 grams over an oz. Imagine taking a regular zip lock bag your mom used to pack your school lunch sandwiches in and fill that up with weed.  See, pretty easy to imagine, right?

If you are a toker who likes to rip joints on the daily, you are looking at roughly 60, (.5 joints) or maybe if you prefer blunts that is roughly 30 ( 1 gram)  blunts. Needless to say it is a healthy portion of weed, for good measure. If you smoke two joints a day that would last you almost 2 months. Sweet.

So, does this Cannabis Grant also cover edibles and concentrates?

Do not push your luck, you Canadian hippies! Just kidding, I wish I lived in Canada and I love hippies. This national wide Cannabis Grant only covers flower. Do not try and to travel with concentrates or edibles as of right now. And dear God, if you do have business or pleasure in the United States don’t expect US TSA to allow your chronic in our country. Don’t even try, you will get your stinky bag confiscated and slapped with a huge fine. If it were up to me, I’d allow all you Montreal Canadian/ Johnny Manzel having fans to enjoy your endo in the states, but we are just not that cool yet.

Enjoy your Greendependence day Canada, and tell Ricky I’m coming for him.




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