The Delay Continues:  Weed Shops, MA

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The Delay Continues:  Weed Shops, MA.

Nearly two years ago Massachusetts settled on legalizing Marijuana. Since then, not one shop has successfully opened. The main question is brought again, and again where are these shops!?!?!

Voters in Massachusetts first approved legalization, the proposal they voted stated that recreational sales would begin January 1st, 2018.  Since the deadline was not met, a new one was set by officials for sales to start July 1st.  The CCC (Cannabis Control Committee) had a meeting held earlier this week indicating that there will be more delays.

According to Fox 25 Boston the commission’s chairman Steven Hoffman says that the committee continues to work towards their main goal of meeting the objective, “It’s our objective and we are going to try to meet that objective, but we are going to do it right.”  Hoffman later says, with regards to the delay, “we have said from the start that July 1st is not a legislative mandate.” Which indicates to the majority that him and along with the state will continue to stall the launch of recreational marijuana dispensaries.

The Commission said that while tons of applications for marijuana businesses have been started, only 5% of the 1,1000 applicants meet state standard. So what is limiting people from completing these applications? For starters, each town uses its own municipal approach whether to allow the shops or not.  Also, applicants need to have a clean record. So Bostonians and fellow commonwealth folk do not wait for recreational spots to open this summer, it’s probably not going to happen. But we will keep you updated! If you want to stay in the loop you can  also visit

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