NY: Cannabis Legalization

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Finally, some fresh news.  A healthy look into the Cannabis Industry: NY

Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo has made a public statement on Monday that he intends to push for the legalization of Cannabis in the State of New York. The move is expected to generate an estimate $1.7 billion in annual sales its first year.

His statement also represents his administration’s efforts to advance New York’s justice agenda and particularly address the forms of injustice that for too long have unfairly targeted the African-American and minority communities.

The Drug Policy Alliance 

“With Cuomo’s commitment and Democrats regaining control of the New York Senate and Assembly for the first time since 2010, the question is no longer should New York legalize marijuana, bur what legalization will look like.”

The New York Health Department issued a report earlier this year that suggested the pros of cannabis legalization would outweigh the cons of ongoing prohibition.

The founding principles for legalization of Cannabis in NY

  • The Drug Policy Alliance believes marijuana legalization is a social, racial, and economic justice issue, which means New York’s leaders must be responsive to the legacy of harm done in the name of prohibition, while creating an equitable framework for the legalized market.
  • Marijuana legalization must create a diverse and inclusive industry
  • The new revenue from marijuana legalization must be used to reinvest in communities that have been impacted by prohibition.



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