Family Loses Custody of Son After Treating His Epilepsy with Cannabis – Wait What?

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Keep the this quote in mind as you digest the story, it’s pretty crazy, extremely controversial and something that a lot of people will one day refer back to and yell “fuck that, we told you medical marijuana is the truth!”

” Amateurs built the ark, professionals built the titanic”

Which boat would you get on?

A couple living down in Georgia – a non 420 friendly state – were charged with reckless conduct, resulting in loss of custody over their 15 year old son.


Because they were self medicating him with cannabis for his sever epilepsy.

Not only was the self medication proving to be effective, but one he started using cannabis to help relieve the symptoms of his condition, he experienced the longest seizing free stretch of his life.

71 days.

Of course, someone snitched because, why should this family search for an alternative when doctors have been pretty helpless?

Now the Brills ( said family ) have to deal with legal battle, Mr. Brill lost his job AND both parents spent six nights in jail.

Statements issued by the family depicted great sorrow and awareness for situation.

“Even with the ramifications with the law, I don’t care. For 71 days he was able to ride a bike, go play, lift weights. We were able to achieve that with David (their son) medicated not from Big Pharma, but David medicated with marijuana.”
— Matthew Brill to the NY Times

Statements issued by the family depicted great sorrow and awareness for situation.

Medical marijuana is still very much illegal in Georgia (C’mon guys, get it together already!) and the Brills are now in a bit of a pickle.

To help pay for their legal battle to regain custody of their son and get him the proper care he needs, they’ve started a crowdfunding campaign with the goal of $50,000.

With $10,000 left to fulfill their goal, it looks like beauty will defeat evil, but as you can imagine this probably will not end anytime soon.

Remember, amateurs built the ark, professionals built the Titanic – point being that sometimes the “under qualified” (hu)man does a better job or takes a more creative route to succeed over the “highly qualified” party.

Peace, love and prosperity!


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