Boston Dean Shoots Student

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Former High School Dean known in his community for being an anti-violence advocate has been convicted of shooting and nearly killing a student of his.

Shaun Harrison, 58, was found guilty of all charges including intent to murder by Suffolk Superior Court jury this past Thursday. District Attorney Dan Conley said, “Not only was he not a man of God or a role model for young people, he manipulated them in a way that was terribly offensive.”

Harrison was a dean at the Boston English High School for five years, this is where he recruited, then 17 year old, Luis Rodriguez to sell Marijuana for him at his high school. The shooting took place back in March of 2015.

Rodriguez, now 20, testified that he came from a dysfunctional family background and often went to Harrison for help.

So what caused Harrison to pull the trigger? The reason for the altercation was because Harrison believed Rodriguez was not selling enough marijuana and was holding out on profit he made.

(Photo of Shaun Harrison at Suffolk Superior Court)

Rewind: March 3, 2015 the day of the shooting, the two arranged to meet at a gas station where Harrison was supposed to hand Rodriquez some marijuana to sell. During this interaction things turned for the worst for young Rodriguez as Harrison pulled out a gun and shot Rodriguez in the back of the head. The shot missed Rodriguez carotid artery, but broke his jawbone and cause nerve damage as well as permanent hearing loss. Surviving the gunshot, Rodriquez was rushed to a local hospital by local bystanders.

Harrison’s attorney, Bruce Carroll asked why Rodriguez did not immediately identify his client as the shooter. Rodriguez responded, “It took me awhile to get all my thoughts back together after being shot in the head, sir.”

The sentencing for Harrison is scheduled tomorrow, Friday.


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