Top 10 Highlights From The 2017 Las Vegas MJBizCon

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Ok, everyone who did not attend MJBizCon in Las Vegas … brace yourself.

Hold onto something, light a pre-rolled joint, or at least sit down if you aren’t already because I’m about to tell you a little bit about this year’s MJBizCon in lovely Las Vegas, Nevada. Let me just start by saying that the weather was absolutely ideal and everyone (start to finish) was so nice! So, as you may expect from a cannabis event, it was a pleasure to go.

But since you couldn’t be there in the flesh, let me share the top 10 highlights of attending the 2017 Las Vegas MJBizCon Event:

  1. AWOL Bags. This is a line of bags that includes all shapes and sizes. Get an ultra-large bag, or just a backpack and you’ll have all-weather protection plus odor control! Not only that but this company also makes charcoal odor eater inserts that you can place into any of the bags you use already to reduce the natural fragrance of cannabis. Need to just stash your personal bag of weed? Drop it into a Funk Fighter DAILY Pocket Bag – for $10.00!
  2. IntegraBOOST. Humidity can be a problem when you put away your weed. So, store your marijuana in a jar that also contains IntegraBOOST. This humidity controlling drop-in helps to protect your plants during the drying, and curing phases and protects against the growth of toxins, mold, and bacteria. IntegraBOOST will also tell you when you need to replace BOOST with a blue indicator packet. Don’t skip this marijuana must-have!
  3. CRATIV Child Resistant Cannabis Packaging. Let’s just be honest about using weed around kids: it’s dangerous. And many of the conventional containers you can get at dispensaries are easy to open, and maybe even a little fun too. Kids are not able to open the CRATIVpackages, and to be honest, I had trouble the first few times myself. Be safe around your medicine, or recreational marijuana, ok?
  4. The Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser. Cannabis extracts can be a pain in the you-know-what to make. But this handy little extractor does the job in just minutes. The company not only makes the infuser, but they also offer the Mighty Safe Vacuum Vault for safe and simple storage.
  5. Julian Marley JuJu Royal. The Marley lifestyle carries on with Julian’s line of Ultra-premium cannabis strains including JuJu OG, Heavenly Heights, Lion’s Domain and many more! JuJu Royal cannabis infused olive oils are also available to drizzle over flatbread, or to use for dipping. Enjoy all of the experiences JuJu Royal cannabis infused extra virgin olive oil has to offer. This line is FIYAH, so don’t miss it!
  6. CB Scientific. This company is super rad. They not only offer at-home THC, and CBD testing kits so you can get the dirt on what’s really in your cannabis but they also make medical devices. CB Scientific improves the quality of life with their Pain-Patch that acts like a smart device. Collecting data including stress levels, degree of pain, and discomfort, the CB Scientific Pain-Patch responds with a dosage of active pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoid pain relief ingredients released directly onto your skin.
  7. Cannafo Cannabis Information. Explore a comprehensive listing of more than 8,000 marijuana strains all in one place. Along with 250,000 cannabis products, and a directory of local businesses including weed shops, and marijuana doctors, Cannafo is also a great place to connect with others in the cannabis community. So, get on there! Categories include community, events, growing, medical, strains, tech and more.
  8. GrowStone. Made from 100% recycled glass, GrowStones are American made, and proven to deliver higher resin content, and higher yields. Not to mention greater profits. Find a dealer near you! Growstone’s are made with waste glass from the landfill recycled into customizable products ranging from substrates for advanced hydroponic growing systems to soil amendments for soil structure and texture. Growstone is green from start to finish, making it a great purchase!
  9. NanoSphere Health Sciences. This company offers an exclusive patent-pending nanoparticle delivery system for medical and recreational cannabis. Featuring concentrated “NanoSpheres” to deliver standardized cannabis extracts, THC is rapidly delivered into circulation in less than 10 minutes after administration beating out vaping, or edibles in bioavailability. When compared to spray, or sublingual THC consumption, NanoSphere delivery resulted in higher blood THC levels – up to 289%!
  10. CBD Xtreme. At the MJBizCon I was handed a nutrient water infused with CBD (pain-relieving cannabidiol). CBD Xtreme420 is nano-amplified for fast delivery and really eased my tension at the event. I would recommend that you check out the CBD Xtreme website to shop their other products including vaporizers, CBD gummies, and even energy shots. And I’ll be adding CBD Xtreme water to my everyday intake of superfoods.

BONUS: Pot-O-Coffee. Just one more thing … your coffee. Hemp infused coffee and teas from Pot-O-Coffee are all just apart of your healthy lifestyle. As a natural source of phyto-chemicals like antioxidants, and cannabinoids Pot-O-Coffee makes ready-to-drink products that go anywhere you do. Choose from clean, fresh cannabis infused products with CBD, THC, or both, hot and cold. Enjoy!

A Final Note on the 2017 Las Vegas MJBizCon

This year’s event lived up to its reputation of being the largest cannabis industry conference in the entire world. You can imagine that out of 678 exhibitors, 18,000 cannabis business leaders, and investors, plus 110+ speakers, this top 10 list is just a drop in the bucket. So, check back with us right here, and join us on Facebook and Instagram for more coverage of the 2017 Las Vegas MJBizCon. There is so much more!

Also, #VegasStrong. <3

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