The Resin Press Game: Strong Smoke

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Rosin Technology Innovates:  Simple ways to extract THC !

If you are new to the world of cannabis extractions, you may want to know what is happening in the rosin press game. Thankfully we have caught your attention at this point.  Hold on tight we’ve got you covered!

You don’t need to have an elaborate laboratory to learn about the Rosin Technique. Anyone can make high-potency, high quality extractions right at home. We will explain to you the 7-step process that’s simple and effective to make great yields of rosin!!! … But first, an introduction to Rosin Technology: The easy way to make hash oil.

The Rosin Technique: An Easy Way to Make Hash Oil

This extraction method is a new and super simple way to create a resin load with high-density cannabinoids. The quality of the resulting product depends on 4 things:

-Processing temperature

-Press time

-Force applied

-Size & weight of the flower nugs used.

All you need are a few nugs of potent, high-quality flower and a few household items to make a delicious concentrate. And they do taste amazing!  

Ratio .5mgs of flower = .1mgs extract of hash oil (resin) A typical dab is between .1-.3mgs to get an idea. 

You’ll Need:

  • Heated press (A hair straightener works well)
  • Parchment paper
  • Metal scraper (this will be crucial tool for getting your hash oil off the paper.
  • Oven mitt
  • Flower (the danker the bud the more yield you typically get)

Easy way to Make Hash Oil 

1.Set the hair dryer to 100-120° F.

2.Place a flower inside a small folded piece of parchment paper. Put on an oven mitt, and place it on your dominant hand.

3.Position the parchment paper in between the metal plates of the flat iron.

4.Press down on the top half of the flat iron for 3-5 seconds. If you start to see smoke, you need to release the plates and take the parchment paper out.

5.Remove the flower from the parchment paper.   

6.What you will have left on the parchment paper is hash oil concentrate.

7.If you do not get a large yield, you can re-press the flower up to 3 times.

What’s Next After Rosin Tech Processing?

Once you have used the flower up, pressed it and gotten your extraction (yield) you will have some stamped out buds. Some people try to make edibles out of the pressed bud, others smoke it or even throw it away, whatever you plan on doing remember that there will be minimal THC available after the pressing.  

When it’s all said and done there are benefits to this method: it’s solvent-free, quick & easy, safe to do at home, and it also delivers potent extracts of cannabinoids from all types of flower (high-grade or low). The downside of the rosin technique? There isn’t much to say except that at-home extracts are more likely to contain less THC concentration (10%-33) when compared to wax and other concentrates from a medical or recreational dispensary.

The rosin press game is just getting started. And you can get in it, right in the comfort of your home! Just try this 7-step easy way to make hash oil. The simple process is a cheap and an effective method for making high-potency cannabis extracts without the use of solvents. Ready to step your cannabis game up? Give the at-home rosin method a try, today!

Where Can I Get Pure Extracts?

If you are interested in finding an easy way to make hash oil, this method may work for you. Or you can purchase concentrates from a dispensary, get a supply from your caregiver or just make it at home.   

DIY Easy Way to Make Hash Oil

If you don’t have enough money to purchase live resin from a dispensary, you can still make a high-potency concentrate at home. Just try this simple DIY way to make hash oil – no solvents needed!


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