The Dispensary Vs. The Backpack

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The Dispensary Vs. The Backpack

Everyone knows someone who smokes weed. And everyone who smokes weed knows someone who deals it. It’s that six degrees of separation. Here are some pros and cons of buying weed in a dispensary and buying weed from a dealer.

Dispensary Pro’s


Dispensary weed has its pros for sure. Every dispensary that I’ve been to has a menu that gives you a clear list and description of all the strains they have available. This includes flower, wax, and edibles. For first time smokers, a dispensary may be beneficial because they need to label the percentage of THC in each strain. This allows first time smokers to understand the potency of each strain and what they should feel from each strain.

The variety of strains is important to. A lot of the time people like to try different types of strains. The classical weed snob would prefer a dispensary because he/she needs to know what the strain is in order to study it and figure out if the strain is worthy to them. (I understand we all have our opinions, but don’t be that person.)


It is mandatory that marijuana from an dispensary has to be tested in a state facility. For those who get high and instantly become paranoid thinking they’re weed may be laced – if you buy it from a dispensary, it is 99.99% not.


The whole aspect of buying legal bud is important for some, lol. Any bud you don’t buy from a registered dispensary is illegal. If you get caught in the act of purchasing illegal bud there are consequences. You could face mandatory jail time, drug tests, and rehab.

[caption id="attachment_3393" align="alignnone" width="1500"] A stock photo of some Medical Marijuana Buds.[/caption]

Street Bud Pro’s

Cost-Effective/ No Cap

If you have a great dealer, most likely the pricing is decent. Dispensary weed is usually overpriced because of the tax put on it.  You can usually buy as much as you want from a dealer, however a dispensary is more regulated so there are rules put in place as to how much you can buy, possess at that time.


If you’ve been smoking weed for over 1o years, chances are you have that one* go to weed dealer. Usually he/she pops up when you need that bag the most. Typically weed dealers dance to the beat of their own drum, in other words, you are going to get your bag when they have time to stop by. Timing may be tough, however, a weed dealer who knows you and knows you’re good people will often times front* you a bag, no dispensary will do that!

Now the big question often asked, which weed is better?

It all depends on where you source your weed from. I know some people who grow fire piff for personal use and it is some of the best buds I’ve seen. No matter how you break it down, weed is usually grown in similar ways. Great bud is the by product of a great grow. This includes genetics, lights, nutrients, and climate.

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