Still Expanding: Canopy Growth Corp.

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Cannabis Frontier Expands North of the Border

Canopy Growth Corporation is set to build a 3 million sq. ft. greenhouse growing facility in British Columbia. Doubling there largest facility in Niagara. Canopy Growth Corporation announced today it has entered into a joint venture agreement with a major greenhouse operator to form BC Tweed Joint Venture Inc. The venture also expands Canopy’s operations into six Canadian provinces, part of what the company says is a plan for international growth.

Canopy Growth Corp (CGC) traded as TSX: WEED is the first North American cannabis company to be federally regulated, and publically traded.  What does this mean exactly? Everything!

CGC sits on 500,000 sq. ft of indoor cultivation wonderland. Inside all 8 buildings that makes up CGC you will find marijuana plants the size of Spruce Tree’s. White cloaked employees work methodically within the grounds to veg, flower, and cultivate the wonder herb.



Formally known as Tweed Marijuana Inc., CGC is in Smith Falls, Ontario, Canada. The mastermind behind it all, Bruce Linton took a facility once used as a Hershey’s Chocolate Factory and made it- currently the largest legal grow-op in the entire world.

 Linton stated: “The Joint Venture allows us to expand our operational footprint for greenhouse production while increasing our institutional knowledge of operating large-scale greenhouses,”

Linton’s ambition is sure to pay off. On July 1st, 2018 Canada plans to legalize recreational marijuana nationwide. Linton and the rest of Canopy Grow Corp understands the magnitude of being at the forefront of the booming cannabis industry. What Canada is doing – deciding to legalize the herb across the board plays a huge role in mass production. The only other country in the world to have recreational marijuana nationwide is Uruguay.



Why did Bruce Linton invest millions in the Cannabis industry?

Canada is one of the only countries to make the plant legal nationwide, they will have the opportunity to have a massive lead on the rest of the world for establishing a global marijuana empire. Linton sees opportunity being at the forefront of an emerging global market. As you can tell Linton is he is not afraid to expand. We are very interested to see how Canopy Growth Corp. does in 2018.

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