Southwest Cannabis Conference & Expo

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Top 10 Highlights of the Southwest Cannabis Conference & Expo

Just two short weeks ago the 2017  Southwest Cannabis Conference & Expo was held in Phoenix Arizona. And we had a U.S. Marijuana Dispensaries press member there to bring you (our beloved readers) the highlights from the event. While you really should have been there, we’ve got the next best thing … Here are the top 10 highlights from the 2017 Southwest Cannabis Conference & Expo, because maybe you were stuck on the couch.

  1. Blazy Susan. This Colorado-based company not only delivers a unique table-top lazy Susan that they have called the Blazy Susan but they also created one of the coolest women’s cannabis products in the industry known as Pink Papers. These feminine rolling papers are made with premium materials, and they are also naturally dyed a light pink so they are oh-so sweet as you medicate.

  2. Bags of Bags. When you want to make sure that nobody can smell your goodies, store them in the Bags of Bags Scent Guard Bags. Made with a recloseable zipper, these locking baggies will keep your good stuff in, and the scent OUT. Ultra-affordable you can slip an entire baggie inside these odor absorbing zip-locking bags, or just toss anything used inside them to keep wafting smoking fragrances from entering other environments you want to keep fresh. Bags of Bags Scent Guard Bags are a MUST for any stoner.



BONUS! For taking pre-rolls or your own handmade blunts, joints, and spliffs for a ride, try doobtubes!

  1. You cannot just turn on a corporate radio station and get the real deal 411 on the world of weed. But you DO need to know your rights and also get information about what we can look forward to in legal cannabis. So, tune into and get enlightened. You may be glad you did!

  2. This is a website that is based out of Arizona however, it is still a great source of marijuana-related news. So, check out for cannabis news, as they are an ideal source for national marijuana news, not just local news in the Southwest.

  3. Bee Delightful. OK, I don’t know about you but I LOVE sweet foods and honey isn’t just sweet. It’s also a well-known superfood for good health. Able to ward off allergies, Bee Delightful Honey isn’t like any other you’ve tried. Try RAW HONEY + CBD from BeeDelightful and you will get one of the finest cannabis-infused wildflower honey – made by hardworking rescued honeybees.

NOTE: Honeybees may soon be found on the endangered species list due to what’s known as Colony Collapse Disorder. Watch this exclusive documentary on Netflix called Vanishing of the Bees to learn more.

  1. Jungle Control. For more advanced growers, Jungle Control offers cutting-edge science able to help you get the most out of your grow. Add any of their impressive products to your grow including: Ferocious Premium Plant Optimizer, Clone Optimizer, pH Adjustor, Premium pH Adjustor, Plant Leaf Wash and Hard Surface Cleaner.

  1. 420 SkinCare. This company was recently featured in a post on WEEDPHX for their CBD-infused bath bombs. Ultra-natural and highly soothing, 420 SkinCare offers more than just these pain-relieving bombs, too! Try their CBD Body Butter, soaps, and lotions. They are all developed by Marvina Thomas, founder of 420SkinCare and Vina Soaps.

Marvina began her journey into cannabis infused products by first acting as the CEO of the non-profit organization Start Living Recovery Home a place where both men, and women can learn to recover from substance abuse including that of alcohol, and even opioids. There, Marvina and her staff help the individual to stop using these substances and then reintroduce the person back to clean living. Marvina is also a vital asset to Women Grow.



  1. Charlotte’s Web. It’s official! You can now purchase 100% hemp dietary supplements and take them as you would along with the rest of your daily health regimen. Charlotte’s Web only offers hemp supplements, but you can also purchase their premium line of hemp extracts as sublingual liquids, or in their exclusive hemp doggie treats.

  2. Motives Made Just 4 Athletes. Treyous Jarrells was one of the speakers for mmj4athletes at the Southwest Cannabis Conference & Expo. Accompanied by other athletes, Treyous explained how this organization is working hard to focus on making the most out of every college athlete to help them become successful after their collegiate career ends. Through great care, research and cumulative experience, Motives Made Just 4 Athletes now wants to address the growing number of chronic health issues silently lingering through the lives of current and former college athletes. By raising awareness for college athletes’ chronic health issues, Motives Made Just 4 Athletes wants to eliminate the slew of negative stigmas associated with cannabis use in sports. They hope to support all efforts to legalize medicinal cannabis use for athletes and thus make marijuana medicines an acceptable alternative within the Collegiate Sports Medicine Industry. What a WIN that would be!

  3. ARBICO Organics. For someone looking to start out growing cannabis, or even for pro growers ARBICO Organics can be found delivering the best products. Not only that, but their product line is completely supported by friendly and knowledgeable customer service agents that provide answers to your questions when you need them. Don’t know how you killed off a whole cycle of flowers? No problem. Need to know how to adjust the pH just so for a specific strain? No problem. Just call the support team at ARBICO Organics!

On their website you can find products including that of pest control, fly control, beneficial insects, indoor growing, organic growing, animal care, tools, and additional resources including MSDS sheets, a bookstore, and even a radio show! Oh and did I mention they are super nice and happy people? That always helps, huh? Check out the ARBICO blog for more general info.

A Final Note on the 2017 Southwest Cannabis Conference & Expo

If you were not able to attend the 2017 Southwest Cannabis Conference & Expo you missed the chance to talk to some of the raddest people around! However, there is no need to get down about it because I was there in the flesh to shake the hands of company owners, skincare specialists, tech innovators and even the dread heads that have been holding down the scene from the start. It was great! So, please check out the links in this article and next year we hope to see you at the 2018 Southwest Cannabis Conference & Expo in person.


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