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Any Green Thumbs out there reading this? Oh so you know how to grow killer buds?! DOPE. Next question, what do you do with your hemp leaves? Would you ever think to make timeless art with the organic sun protectors?

My homie from Denver, Jacob describes his initial thoughts behind what is now; GrassTrays:

Troy: So Jacob how did this product come to be?

Jacob: The thought came down like a bolt of lightning.   To capitalize on the hemp plant, with a part of it that usually just gets thrown away to make something that could be frozen in time.

The Denver native along with his rocker buddy, Yount – (sweet name right?!) has made a profitable business behind the the leaf.

Troy: How does your product differentiate from other ashtrays?

Jacob: GrassTrays derives from making quality products that no one has ever seen before and provide them with a kickass ashtray like this. The weight of a new generation of luxury products is on our shoulders. What better way to display the ash of your grass in the finest one of a kind astray with GrassTrays.

Troy: Alright bro, sounds pretty legit! Tell our readers about the process behind GrassTrays.

Jacob: The leaves were a byproduct of our personal grow. After maintenance on the little girl’s (plants) and so many harvests later, the piles of unusable trimmed leaves started to stack up.

During the process of growing you come across so many beautiful types, sizes and varieties of genetics. You get to thinking how amazing these leaves are – wouldn’t it be nice to hold on to some of them… then the lightning struck! Each and every leaf undergoes a special preservation process. Because we are dealing with organic material, to get the leaf preserved just right, you must be time sensitive, timing is everything. There are microorganisms within the leaf hat that acts as a constant battle to make sure discoloration doesn’t happen.  

Troy: So when did GrassTrays open up publicly?

Jacob: We started business in 2016, and we have been very busy since.  The personal orders continue to come in from all over the US. We have sent out trays to almost every state within our boarders. We have had all types of dispensaries, glass shops, and smoking accessories* store fronts in all major cities reach us. The legality of this product falls not under marijuana, but a cannabis product. Because we use the fan leaves that has no THC or CBD in them, we are allowed to sell these grasstrays across state lines. Using the trim from the plant that is not frosted over is better used in well… the main reasons we all love this plant in the first place. We decided to leave the good stuff for separate reasons.

Extras: GrassTrays is an extremely new product and company which is completely ran by a small handful of people. We are expected to grow out of control in the next year as we have a hard time holding on to inventory due to the demand. Currently based out of Colorado and expanding to a new shop in the weeks coming to southern California. Here at GrassTrays we are looking for new driven individuals to represent and run other locations across the country.

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