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Bob Marley Natural Herb is Finally Here!

Bob Marley and his family including Rita, Damian, Ziggy, Cedella, Ky-Mani, Rohan, Julian, Sharon, Stephen, Makeda, Karen and Stephanie have all gone down in history as a legendary family. And today, there are many more of Bob’s living relatives blowing natural mystic into the air. If you were to ask anyone on the street to name one reggae music artist, most likely their answer will be  “Bob Marley!” because he is by far one of the most celebrated musicians of all time.

Today, Marley’s dreadlocks and his cheek-to-cheek smile are one of the most recognized symbols in both music and marijuana culture. His untimely death at the young age of 36 years old was a major blow to his millions of adoring fans as well as Rastafarian culture. However, even without Bob Marley in the flesh, his legacy is stronger than ever thanks to the timeless message he left behind both in his lyrics and within the roots of his family tree. Songs including “One Love” and “Is this Love” were just part of Bob’s central theme of world peace, equality and acceptance of others through love. You may recognize this idea as IRIE (I Respect I Eternal), and that Marley message holds strong today.

Introducing Organic Marijuana by Bob Marley: Marley Natural Herb

Nearly four decades after Bob Marley’s death, his legacy remains stronger than ever and today you can purchase strains of his organic herb any time you want to. If you are a legal medical marijuana user in your state, or if recreational marijuana is legal where you live, you can choose from any of the Marley Natural cannabis strains, accessories and body care products.

The Best Marijuana and The Rasta-Man Connection

Not only does Bob Marley leave behind his legacy of love through music, but his essence can also be captured in Marley Natural – his dedicated line of premium cannabis products started by members of his immediate family. Today, it is estimated that less than 1% of the cannabis dispensaries in the United States are black owned. What is so sad and unfortunate about the budding marijuana industry is that many of the people who truly understand the herb and how to use it in spiritual practice are not gaining any of the profits from the large amounts of legal cannabis sales in the United States today. 

According to Rita Marley, Bob’s Wife, “He is 100% behind what’s happening, because this is something we fought for… we started a spiritual thing given to us by God.”

Marley Natural’s general manager, Tahira Rehmutallah, said “He (Bob) called cannabis the herb and believed in its peaceful, positive cultural effect.” Bob was a pioneer in the fight for the decriminalization of marijuana and the brand he inspired is doing all it can to celebrate the new law amendments that have made the plant more accessible to both medical and recreational users in the United States and beyond. Rehmutallah continues, “We are very excited to bring Marley Natural to market as a brand that fuels social change and we believe that Bob would be very happy to see this day.”


The Marley Natural Line of Marijuana

With a wide range of products available such as organic cannabis flower, pre-rolled joints in natural papers, vape oil, oil cartridges and other products and accessories, the Marley Natural brand is a one-stop-shop for all-things herb.

The Marley Natural product line is straight fiyah. Here is just a taste of the three major menu categories (whole flower, body care and accessories).

– Whole Flower. According to the Washington based company’s website, Marley Natural cannabis is available in Indica, Hybrid, Sativa and CBD-rich strains. The site suggests Indica to be used for a full body experience, the Hybrid for both body and mind, the sativa for the cerebral experience and the CBD for those looking for a more medicinal option. Those looking to get IRIE with Marley can get these products online or in the states of Washington, Oregon and California at select retail locations. These carefully grown and cultivated buds contain no pesticides or dangerous fertilizers and they also support independent growers. You can also pass the dutchie to the left with Marley Natural pre-rolled joints housed in additive-free papers.

– Body Care. Marley Natural herb has a wide range of hemp based products such as hemp seed lip balm, body lotion, body wash, hand cream, salve, soap and more! Hemp is a variety of the cannabis that does not contain the psychoactive properties of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) but rather for its industrial uses. Hemp seed oil is also a much more natural approach to beauty as its synthetic counterparts and is said to help with conditions such as inflammation, dry skin and eczema.

– Accessories. Having a large stash of Marley Natural products are only good if there are quality ways to get the ultra-clean organic smoke into your system. Marley Natural offers a range of finely crafted glass pipes and bongs to help you get the positive vibrations into your life. Use it for all of your Marley Natural flower, in addition to the wooden trays and cases to help you manage your buds and keep them safe from the elements.


Nothing is more personable than an family business 

Today, there are many people trying to make money off of the green boom of legal cannabis. Sadly, this includes the company known as Monsanto – a major pesticide manufacturer. By supporting Marley Naturals, you not only get the cleanest organic weed available on the market today, it is all grown without the use of harmful fertilizers, or pesticides.  And that can feel pretty good, knowing the money goes where it belongs – into the hands of those who taught us all so much about the cannabis herb, the beloved Marley family.

The Marley family is dedicated to preserving the life and legacy of cannabis and its sacred traditions. So, go ahead and light one up as you rock to the gentle spirit of any of the songs made by this wonderful Marley family.  

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