Learn How To Filter Your Joints

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Joint tips help your joint stay together!

1. Using a pre-made joint filter tip or one you make out of a business card gives your joint some stability.

It also gives your rolling paper something to wrap tightly around, which means it is way less likely that your joint will crumble when you ash it.

2. Avoiding the saliva of others!

There is nothing worse than being handed a joint that has been completely swamped with someone else’s spit. Whatever the case may be, when you receive a joint that has saliva all on the bottom of the draw hole you don’t want to hit that joint for sanitary purposes. Well, a cardboard filter means the bottom of a soaked joint doesn’t turn as badly into a closed hole that can no longer be hit properly.

3. Better airflow

Making a solid filter for your joint can ensure a more consistent airflow through your joint. The holes in both ends of the filter ensure maximum airflow, without the likelihood of those blocked spots that are hard to get smoke through. When you are dealing with sticky weed sometimes the resin from the smoke blocks the hole as well. A filter can help both instances.


4. Better value for your weed

Using a joint tip means you get to actually smoke all of the weed in your joint, right down to the very bottom! You don’t need to burn your finger tips anymore or throw away up to  .2 of smokable bud.

5. All the different kinds of filter tips…

Joint tips are not limited to little cylinders made out of cardboard. You can purchase reusable ones that are biodegradable. You can also purchase a range of wooden filters that you put your rolled joint inside of.


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