Industrial Hemp: New Frontier

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Could Industrial Hemp be the next American cash crop?

Industrial Hemp is set to be a major American economic driver in the near future.  The United States continues to legalize marijuana recreationally state by state. With marijuana’s popularity on the rise, it’s a no brainer that the rest of the plant, where “hemp”’ derives from, will soon be a business opportunity as well.

While marijuana advocates generally discuss the health benefits of medical marijuana (which is great), the real change that the marijuana plant will bring to the world is the hemp.

Hemp has the potential to create a wide range of material. For starters, hemp can be used to make plastic, paper, fabrics, and also fuel and oils. All together, hemp can be used to make more than 50,000 products.  With that being said, industrial hemp has the potential to be more profitable than medical cannabis and recreational marijuana.

Hemp Is Carbon Negative!

That is right, like most plant based products, Hemp is completely carbon negative. This means the hemp plant pulls carbon out of the air, and when disposed- can be discarded into landfill returning carbon to the soil. Hemp cultivation will also improve the quality of the soil. Hemp can be used to replenish used soil by full-season cropped fields.

Why is this important ?

During a growing season no matter what plant you are growing and harvesting, that plant stays alive and healthy by sucking out all the nutrients from nearby soil – Hemp can be used to replenish that soils nutrients; reusable soil.

What Industrial Hemp can do for our country is significant.

The hemp plant remains largely illegal in much of the United States. This suggests reasoning for why there are not many hemp processing plants functioning in the United States right now. This also indicates that people are sleeping on its benefits and do not understand how great Hemp is. Hemp needs the big push that it deserves and this starts with exposure. With more media being directed towards industrial hemp from an economical and sustainable aspect, the more you can start to understand how important is it to invest on this frontier.

Hemp does it all, baby!

Besides all the benefits the hemp plant displays like its sustainability implications and carbon negative attributes, it also can be used to clean up pesticides, solvents, explosives, crude oil, and metals from the soil.

Fun Fact:

The Hemp plant needs “half the amount of land per ton of finished textile compared to cotton, which farmers also cant grow without herbicides.   According to the World Bank data, the production of textiles accounts for more than 20 percent of water pollution on a global scale.

That being said…

At this point in time the world is looking for alternative resources to replace the fossil fuel industry and its harmful environmental effects. Hemps production not only generates no waste and bi-products; it also benefits the soil requiring no harmful pesticides.

If we go with industrial hemp, we can be replacing harmful fossil fuels sooner than later. This solution will solve significant environmental and economical issues that are facing humanity right now.










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