Hottest Jobs In The Weed Game!

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5 Hottest Jobs in The Cannabis Industry

Just a few short years ago it was nearly impossible to be affiliated with the marijuana trade legally in the United States. Now weed is legal in many states for medical and recreational purposes and many people are banking on the cashed bowls of the planet’s most-favored flower. As the booming market for legal cannabis continues to expand, so does the possibility for new jobs throughout the industry.

Here are just 5 of the hottest upcoming jobs in the cannabis industry:

1. Dispensary Manager – Storefronts selling cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes require the same managerial skill set that other retail stores desire. Managing a pot shop can be very lucrative and provide the benefits and paid vacation time that a more standard 9-5 job offers its employees. With above average base salaries and sales-based commission bonuses, it isn’t far fetched to think that a person working as a dispensary manager could clock a six-figure annual income at a marijuana distribution center.

2. Marijuana Grower – People who have a green thumb can now legally work their cash crop by growing potent strains of marijuana in states that enable their talents. Due to the continually increasing demand for more varieties and strengths of all types of marijuana strains (indica, sativa, and hybrid) you can now get a college degree at many in-state colleges as a horticulture specialist. Recent graduates are estimated to make about $60,000/year right out of college, which commonly increases to a 6-figure income over time. Just growing weed! How’s that sound kids?



3. Head Shop Owner – Another way to put your organizational skills to use in the pot industry is by owning and/or managing a store that sells pot accessories for cannabis users to ingest their favorite smoke. Head shops also capitalize by providing weed smokers an outlet to purchase other types of merchandise. This can include all types of smoking and rolling devices, tools, and even clothing that shows their enthusiasm for flower power. If you are good at inventory, bookkeeping, making schedules, running an online store and can minimize glass breakage owning a head shop may be just the right job in the marijuana industry for you!

4. Tech Visionary – As technology and the cannabis industry continues to skyrocket, there are many software applications that can be utilized in the marijuana business the same way they are used in other markets. Analytics, algorithms, viral social media marketing and smartphone application development are all virtually bright green territories on planet pot. Teaming up with an existing firm with cannabis related clients or offering your tech savvy services on the open market can be a great way to bring digital clarity into the fuzzy-headed pot aficionados.



5. Entrepreneur – If you are comfortable with risk-taking, you can take advantage of the ever-expanding new market of the cannabis industry. Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? Explore it in the cannabis game by creating a product or service that caters to cannabis users. Businesses looking to deal with growing or manufacturing products containing THC or CBD (cannabis phyto-chemicals) may have a lot of legal loopholes to navigate through however, they also have a lot to gain if they are successful. Today, the decriminalization of marijuana has left researchers an open door to discover the myriad of health benefits from cannabis. So, if you have a drive, and a business sense about you – NOW is the time to use it and become an endo entrepreneur.

This Isn’t Just a Man’s World

The cannabis industry is still continuing to develop, and it’s not just for rich, white male investors. Today, there are many different types of people entering the weed game, and things are primed for change … especially for women. As just one example, Shaleen Title has her helpful hand on the pulse of the industry in the form of education, and legal aid. Shaleen is co-founder of THC Staffing Group, a cannabis recruiting firm focused on equality and inclusion.

The THC Staffing Group works to support both start-up cannabis companies, as well as established companies, and also helps new employees find the perfect fit for a job in the weed industry. As a recruiter and entrepreneur, Shaleen helps those in retail, growing, and technology cannabis fields to find jobs that best fit their core competencies. So, consider these possibilities when you head out to find a job in the emerging cannabis industry.

The weed game has changed folks. And it is NOT your Mom’s marijuana anymore. Today, you can really get into the industry with all types of skills. Need a job? A more promising career path, or even a career change? Check out these 5 hottest new jobs coming up in the cannabis industry. One of them is bound to be for you!

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