Celebrities In The Weed Game

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6 Celebrities in the Weed Game (and the products you gotta have!)

Smoking marijuana is now legal in 28 different states, and with this updated smoking status, people are lighting up all over the U.S. The new openness of using weed has unveiled loads of celebrities ready to take your marijuana smoke to the next level.

Here are just the top 6 celebrities in the weed game:

Snoop Dogg. No marijuana product list is complete without this rapper’s name. Dr. Dre’s protégé Snoop Dogg got his break in the mainstream by his collaborations with the good doctor and prolific producer on his masterpiece album, The Chronic. It is no wonder Snoop has been a cannabis icon ever since his 1992 debut album Doggystyle. Leafs by Snoop is his own line of 8 different bud strains that are also available as wax, and shatter concentrates. The Leafs brand also has a wide range of edibles including chocolates, gummies, drops and fruit chews. So, sweeet dude!!  

Melissa Etheridge. Believe it or not singer-songwriter Melissa Etheridge has her hand in the weed game as well. Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004, Etheridge started her medical cannabis journey in order to heal her body. Her tincture features a cold extract process designed to draw the medicinal offerings of the plant without delivering too much of a psychedelic/psychoactive effect on its user. A nice body buzz from the combination of the wine, and weed used in the fermentation process is what drinkers of her product have experienced. Melissa hopes to launch the entire line by the end of the year in dispensaries in Oakland, San Jose, and Santa Cruz, and in the meantime keep an ear to the street for the release of her 14th studio album, Memphis Rock and Soul.

American singer-songwriter Melissa Etheridge poses for a portrait on Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2012 in New York. (Photo by Victoria Will/Invision/AP Images)


Cheech and Chong.  If you don’t recognize these names then you may have been smoking your weed under a rock. For those of you with a VHS player, this duo is most famous for their hilarious series of pot-comedy flicks such as the 1978’s classic Up in Smoke. Today, they have an extensive line of smoking paraphernalia and accessories that you’ll love to use. Cheech and Chong offers a wide variety of bongs, pipes, bubblers, oil rigs, and even stash jars for the consummate smoker who insists on always having a clean smoke. Count on your ol’ buddies Cheech and Chong to deliver the type of glass you want for a fun smoke session.

Method Man and Redman. Original Wu Tang Clan members Method Man, and his trusty sidekick and How High? co-star Redman have developed a mobile app that helps fellow potheads locate the nearest dispensary. Thanks guys! By charging dispensaries a small listing fee, BlazeNow assists stoners all over the country helping them find dispensaries, delivery services, and doctors closest to them when they’re on the go! So rad.

Wiz Khalifa. Another rapper making waves in the marijuana industry is recording artist Wiz Khalifa. You may know some of his tracks like Black and Yellow or See You Again from the radio. Like Meth and Red, Wiz created a weed related mobile app called Weed Farm. This app is similar in nature to Farmville and The Sims allowing you to create your own virtual cannabis corporation, and be in full control of its manufacturing, as well as distribution. Kill time anywhere you go by growing your business, developing your marijuana and growing weed of course! Happy harvesting.

Kurupt. Perhaps Kurupt is the least mainstream rapper in the weed game, but his Moonrocks are arguably the strongest marijuana product available right now. This West Coast gangsta rap icon is mostly known for his appearances on Dr. Dre’s multi-platinum 2001 album as well as his presence in the Snoop Dogg’s affiliated group Tha Doggpound. Kurupt pulled no punches when formulating his potent product with Dr. Zodiak. The Moonrock’s recipe includes potent buds dipped in hash oil, and then sprinkled with THC crystals also known as keif – the most potent part of the cannabis flower.  According to their website, Moonrocks have a 51.2% THC rating, designed to help its smokers with pain relief, nausea, and other ailments.


Want to upgrade your weed game to celebrity status? Get online, and check out these amazing products from some of the hottest smokers in the marijuana industry right now. Go on!


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