Cannachiloma: A Classy Way to Stash your Grass!

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Looking for a way to class up how you stash your grass?

Your friends over at Cannachiloma have it covered! We recently had an opportunity to s talk to founder, JT about how he started Cannachiloma, and we were pretty stoked to learn all about this young entrepreneur, and his new company.

How it All Started…

Back before John started Cannachiloma, he was working on growing his business in commercial real estate brokerage and development. But that wasn’t all JT took on! As an entrepreneur under the age of 30, John also had businesses in retail product design and manufacturing, as well as custom sustainable design build contracting.

Born and raised in Texas, JT was a strong believer in the health benefits of cannabis. You see, back when he was a division I athlete in college, playing football, JT suffered many different injuries that landed him on the operating room table, on more than one occasion. For pain management, his doctors prescribed narcotics but being exceptionally health conscious, JT refused to rely on pain medication or alcohol to relieve his pain. Though pain pills and alcohol are socially acceptable, he was not willing to deal with their numerous negative side effects.

After moving to Arizona, JT discovered medical marijuana and it’s pain relieving properties with minimal side effects. As a medical marijuana patient, JT was able to break through all of the misinformation about cannabis, and realized that marijuana could deliver A LOT of positive health effects.

About Cannachiloma

After JT realized that marijuana was an effective way to manage his pain, he became a regular cannabis consumer – but he was still highly driven in life. He also had a strong belief in living an active lifestyle, and out of this JT wanted to raise awareness of the health benefits of cannabis in mainstream society. Because, after all, he was misinformed… so other people probably were too. JT decided to launch his new business: Cannachiloma, and use it as a way to help people understand that cannabis can be used in a responsible and classy manner.

JT found the entire process of using cannabis to be messy, and chaotic. This bothered him. And what he noticed was that the cannabis containers available to him as a medical marijuana user included plastic bottles, and baggies that attracted the keef of his flowers like a magnet. Making them not only annoying, but also wasteful not to mention hard to use. Because JT always found himself fumbling with paraphernalia that damaged his medicine, he wanted to create something better.

After using many different inferior cannabis storage methods, JT came up with something that would end this type of poor cannabis handling and storage – for your average marijuana user. Thus, Cannachiloma was born.

More Than Just a Brand: A Classy Way to Stash your Grass!

The term “Cannachiloma” is a combination of words including, “Canna” (from Cannabis) and “Chiloma” (from the latin term for container). Developed to put an end to the reputation of the unorganized stoner, Cannachiloma was made to appeal to marijuana users 18 years and older. “ Cannachiloma provides not only a product but a term that can be used to bring class and acceptance to the use of cannabis in both private and public settings.

If you’re a cannabis user, you probably have had those moments where you are kicking back with friends who are spilling, wasting and otherwise ruining their high-quality cannabis with plastic jars, or dropping flower on the floor due to flimsy baggies. It’s so frustrating! Or you’re with friends and someone poses that classic question, “Do you have any green?” only to have someone pull out a crumpled baggie with crushed flower sadly clinging to the lining. However, this will never have to happen again. Because today, if you hear that question, you can respond strong and confident, “Hey, yeah bud…I have a Cannachiloma.” Problem solved!

You see, Cannachiloma is more than just a brand. It’s a way of life. And a way to keep all of your loose flower off of dirty, cluttered coffee tables and out of drawers and bags. UGH… where it inevitably gets infused with stray cat hairs, dirt, grime and other gunk – Oh-so nasty!

Come on… Do yourself and all of the people in your circle a favor, and put the class back in stashing your grass.

How to Shop Cannachiloma and What to Buy

Cannachiloma currently offers a line of fully customizable cannabis containers, available in over 20 different colors, with hundreds of combinations to work with. Presently, the line includes 3 different sizes of 420-friendly Cannachilomas. But soon, the cannabis container company will provide several other containers including 3 sizes of 710-friendly Cannachilomas, rolling trays, dugouts and much more.

So, stay tuned for the 2017 release date!

You can find Cannachiloma’s for sale online for delivery nationwide. But also, check around head shops in your area as they are gradually making their way into the top cannabis spots around the country. There you can see the fun, interactive display of all of the colors and combinations you can use to organize your stash.

For wholesale opportunities, reach out to JT through the Cannachiloma website. There, they can help to determine quantity, customization and shipping arrangements.

The Mission

We asked JT… “What’s the point of all of this? I mean, why work so hard just for a place to keep your weed?” And this is what he said, “It’s all about the mission: puttin’ the class in stashin’ your grass! One customer at a time.”

We gotta’ give JT some love for that concept because, hey… Who isn’t TIRED of the messy, unorganized and unrefined stigma that follows cannabis users. So, we will look forward to the growth of JT’s new company, Cannachiloma, as it continues to push the cannabis industry forward through 2017.

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