Can you Smell the Citrus?!

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Can you smell the Citrus?!

Albuquerque, NM is on the Map! Brought to you by Squeezed Juice Bar and 505 Terpenes!

I had the privilege of talking to the citrus fruit terpene guru Ryan who is the founder of Squeezed Juice Bar and 505 Terpenes.  Ryan runs multiple companies in New Mexico, but the one we are going over today is his 100% organic, solvent free citrus fruit terpenes. You may be wondering what terpenes are and how his Juice Bar helps the terpene process – we will get to that I promise!

First and foremost their goal is to promote safe, 100% natural organic terpenes making them an environmentally aware company. 505Terpenes strive to be as responsible as possible with all of the waste from their raw organic cold pressed juice bars. 505terpenes fruit comes from their partnering company, Squeezed Juice Bars.

505terpenes are NOT a replica of a flavor found in nature, they are the actual flavor of nature! You are probably wondering at this point what citrus fruit terpenes are and how they relate to the cannabis industry. Check out this cool Q&A I had with Ryan to learn all about terpenes and his love for true organic taste!



Q & A with Ryan:

1. What is an organic fruit terpene blend?

 Terpenes are the building blocks or essential oils of many medicinal plants. The terpenes commonly occurring in cannabis can also be found in other plants in the natural world. In our case, organic citrus fruits. Because we are not fractionalizing our process we are extracting the entire essence or terpene blend. When you experience our blends, there is no doubt what flavor they are.

2. What is it’s purpose, why fruit terpenes?

 There are many studies being done worldwide that show the medicinal value that terpenes add to cannabis. Our organic terpene blends can be used to add flavor and depth to quality cannabis concentrates. Together with thc, cbd, and other cannabinoids, the terpenes combine to make up what is referred to as the ‘entourage effect.’

3. What got you into this business of making organic terpene blends?

We own a thriving organic cold pressed juicing operation in New Mexico with multiple locations. We strive to be as environmentally responsible in our business practices, from recyclable and compostable to-go containers, to recycling and reusing our glass bottles. We also donate much of our juicing leftovers to local pig, chicken, and worm farmers, as well as back yard compositors. The citrus peels have always been a challenge to keep out of the landfill. They are toxic to worms, pigs, and chickens and they take too long to breakdown. We researched and designed a contraption to steam distill the terpenes from the peels. After which, the waste is much easier to biodegrade or compost.

4. Where do you get them from? Speak on a little bit of the process, how to make this stuff?

 Our blends are, by definition, food grade. They are extracted from food. We buy quality organic produce, juice it, and immediately it is processed and steam distilled. We use a combination of water, heat, and pressure. There are no chemicals used in our process. This results in the highest quality organic terpenes in the game.

5. What is your overall message about organic terpene blends?

 We are true believers in quality natural nutrition and healing. Our organic blends do not contain any artificial ingredients, fillers, or preservatives. We feel strongly about quality testing and work with Steephill Labs. We freely share our terpene profiles, residual pesticide, and solvent results.

6. What do you hope to achieve by making these terpene blends?

 Our hope is that we can help spread the word about the importance of organic foods and medicines and the responsibility we all have as stewards of the planet. We embrace the cannabis movement and encourage people to stay away from artificial, synthetic, and man made. Extracted from nature not created in a lab.

7. How can we get this stuff? Online, social media etc…?

 505terpenes is a division of Squeezed Juice Bars
We don’t have a website for the terpenes but can be found on Instagram and Twitter at @505terpenes
The juice bars online at

Well you heard it from the Man himself! I spoke on the phone with Ryan he is full of life, drive and ambition. He is doing something real great here by giving those looking for some holistic healing a bit of flavor. He was nice enough to send over some of his organic terpene blends for me to try, and let me tell you –  a little bit goes along way! As soon as I opened the box, I could smell the strong aroma of citrus flavors like Grapefruit, Orange, and Lemon!  I was able to put a small drop on some wax that I had and it made all the difference in the smell and taste making my smoke that much more enjoyable! Folks if you are interested in learning more feel free to check out his Instagram Account as well as Twitter (mentioned above). Ryan is very interactive and is doing something very cool here. Make your oil taste great and organic! Give 505terpenes a try today!

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