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What Would Happen if I Tried Yoga on Weed?

The physical practice of yoga has numerous health benefits and can greatly heighten your awareness of the mind/body connection to yourself. There are countless ways to enhance your practice of yoga. These practices includes deeper breathing techniques, hotter room temperatures and humidity levels. You can bring accessories to the table like blocks, blankets and straps – musical instruments like gongs and bowls, and even aromatherapy with incense and essential oils.

In this fast-paced era it seems as if it is almost impossible for most folks to still their minds without utilizing some sort of device. For this reason, many people are combining the calming effects of cannabis with the ancient stretching, strengthening, breathing and balancing practice of yoga.

While yoga and marijuana may not be a match made in heaven in everyone’s mind, those who practice with cannabis may optimize their time on the mat by fine-tuning their mind body connection.

Can I smoke weed and practice yoga?

Flowing yoga while blazed is definitely not recommended for those who have no experience in practicing yoga or consuming cannabis products on a regular basis without the careful aid of a qualified guru (yoga instructor).

However, if you feel ready try yoga on weed, aim to get a good handle on the yoga poses as well as the specific style of yoga being practiced (ashtanga, vinyasa, yin, restorative, etc.) It is also wise to be conscious of how well you can tolerate any sort of physical activity under the influence of cannabis. Be sure to leave some margin for error while practicing yoga poses while high on marijuana, especially if you are a beginner in either yoga, or cannabis use. This is simply to lower your risk of injury.

To practice yoga, find a spot in the room with plenty of space between you and other yogis, and avoid the more extreme room temperature styles of yoga such as Sumits and Bikrahm and follow the gurus instructions.

If practicing yoga after smoking a pre-rolled joint or munching on an edible sounds like an obstacle not worth pursuing … then by all means, read no further. The premonition of fear or failure before attempting a pose could keep you stuck just thinking about it for the entire 60-90 minute class, defeating the whole purpose of the pairing. This sort of distraction can become magnified as yoga class progresses and the asanas (poses) become more demanding. Since its users sometimes attribute cannabis to paranoia, practicing under the influence could leave you feeling less relaxed than when you started.


On the other hand … If you are thinking to yourself, “I have GOT to try yoga on weed,” then chances are you will really enjoy and benefit from the classic combination of yoga and marijuana. Due to weed’s ability to heighten all of the senses as well as its capacity to take its users on a deeper inward journey, indulging in your favorite marijuana flower, concentrate, or edible could be your idea of a perfect pairing before a yoga class. At any level of yoga asana execution, you can take in the heightened experience of being high during the clairvoyant and surreal practice of yoga.

What strain should I smoke before yoga?

Calming indica strains usually have the effect of slowing the users’ perception of time and may help yoga stoners move with increased awareness, engagement and also caution, thus reducing the risk of injury. Since both weed and yoga have the ability to put users in a naturally meditative state, using them in tandem can leave practitioners with a deeper sense of lasting relaxation from the combination. This is recommended for a person seeking physical and mental benefits of yoga on weed.

Invigorating sativa strains can aid in boosting mental energy, clarity and awareness. However, any strain of marijuana can be used during yoga class to help you become more aware of the spirit within you, and your connection to yourself, and the world around you. High CBD strains are also recommended if you desire heightened mental benefits from your yoga class on weed. Finding the ideal marijuana strain for your daily asanas takes a little bit of experimentation, so start with one strain you like, and remember that yoga is a practice – it only gets better with time!

NOTE: If you have trouble breathing deeply after smoking weed, try to consume edibles instead. Aim to eat them with enough time for your body to completely metabolize the THC before class. If taken at the right time, it is possible to reach the peak of your high during the most intense portion of class. Savasana will never be the same once this timing is mastered.

If you want to try yoga on weed, make sure to start slowly and work your way up to larger doses. As you progress your tolerance for marijuana, you can also work towards holding more challenging poses, or taking more difficult yoga classes. It’s up to you! If you feel like combining your yoga intention with nature’s most healing plant (cannabis) then to you, spiritual development is a no-brainer. Namaste.  



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