Pot Withdrawal Symptoms

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Marijuana is known to have no physical withdrawal.

This is because symptoms of pot withdrawal are much milder than withdrawal from illicit drugs, alcohol, and prescriptions which can be fatal under certain circumstances. Pot withdrawal is not at all fatal, and symptoms tend to have a much shorter duration. But nevertheless, they do occur from time to time.

Withdrawal symptoms can appear based on one’s metabolic level, frequency, and duration of use, tolerance level, strains, the method of ingestion and underlying psychological factors. In fact, any habitual behavior when broken has some effect on the body and/or mind; weed is no different.

According to Dr. David Allsop, who is a associate professor at the University of Sydney (shrimp on the barby) Australia says:

“When cannabis use is stopped, the receptors have to adjust to normal levels. This has psychological and physical effect which can lead to both addiction and withdrawal.”

Also, marijuana withdrawal has only been identified as a medical condition very recently with studies slowly catching up to support the anecdotal evidence and personal testimonies floating around on forums and social media sites.

Cannabis withdrawal is real for many people. Though it isn’t dangerous, we should accept that a significant portion of our cannabis community does experience this and they are no threat to marijuana advocacy. We can love cannabis for all the wonders is does from people and its safe alternative to prescription and other hardcore drugs. However, let’s not forget that humans who indulge into anything enough over a period of time, will have some sort of physical withdrawal, its human nature.

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