Smoke and Get that Pump!

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Are you sick of taking pre-workout? Does it overstimulate you? Well maybe its time to go organic. Get your mind right and toke up!  Well here are the top 5 strains to smoke before hitting the weights. Not all weed makes you a couch potato – these strains listed are all hard hitting sativa strains that will pump you up with a cerebral energetic buzz that often provides the perfect motivation for the gym! So spark it and crush it.


  1. Ghost Train Haze

  2. Jack Herer

  3. Green Crack

  4. Sour Diesel

  5. Sour Cheese


Side note – If you do not smoke much it’s probably a good idea to not blaze before the gym. If you have a preexisting heart condition, do not smoke before any form of exercise. Microdose before the gym, if you smoke an entire blunt you probably won’t have the best workout.

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