Millennials believe Marijuana is more safe than Alcohol

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Well, Millennials are not totally lost.

The majority of millennials in America have come to their senses and consider weed the healthy alternative to drinking. There is a reason for that. Pot is way more chill than alcohol. That’s a fact.  Here are some numbers that Tylt* broadcasted not too long ago.

Tylt is a website that claims to be the “largest and fastest growing social polling and opinion platform among millennial’s and it has made culture waves since 2016.

In a study which polled over 6,000 millennial-aged users, 84% believe marijuana should be federally legalized.

BIG Facts 

Other cannabis-related findings from The Tylt:

  • 87.6% of millennial believe marijuana is safer than alcohol
  • 85.6% of millennials believe that marijuana is actually good for your health
  • 93.2% say marijuana is better for athletes than painkillers (opioids)
  • 89.2% want marijuana to be allowed in sports
  • 81.2% believe criminals serving time for marijuana-related crimes should be released
  • 54.4% think marijuana should be allowed to be consumed in public.

Here is a great write up talking about the affects of both Marijuana and Alcohol by the nerds at LiveScience.




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