Microdose: Cannabis

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Ok, so you’re not a teenager anymore and there is no point trying to out smoke all your friends. You don’t get a gold medal for taking the biggest bong hits. And if you are a teenager- listen up!  I know from a personal standpoint it just isn’t that appealing anymore to smoke joint after joint after joint after joint. Of course there is always a time and place for that, but – weekday living that requires busy daily agenda’s is perfect for microdosing. You will not feel overwhelmed, but yet lifted.  For one thing, smoking like Cheech or Chong is a waste of your stash and secondly, money doesn’t grow on trees. Yes, I am speaking to hopefully my audience of young professionals or those trying to be productive with their time.

Understanding Balance

No matter how you look at it, as we get older we take on more responsibilities. With responsibilities comes anxiety. For some of you this can be more present than others. Just hear me out.  Learn how to microdose.  You will be surprised if you start to slow down your cannabis consumption over a period of a week or two.  You will begin to smoke less and less and still get the similar sensation of relaxation.



I am not discouraging you to stop smoking endless amounts of weed if you have the time and it doesn’t affect your personal or professional life. But for the most of us who have daily responsibilities and need to structure ourselves – this is for you! For those who are looking to change their smoking habits or desiring to start one, microdosing should being something to consider.  Marijuana can be safely and healthily consumed daily, if dosed correctly.

What does Microdose mean?

It is intaking very small amounts of marijuana to still feel perceptible sensations. It should be noted that since this isn’t a regular dose, the “high” threshold is not surpassed. Therefore, you do not necessarily feel melted to your couch or “blasted”, but feeling an altered state of mind without being totally out of it.

While some might not like the idea, others might find that they can gain a certain productivity by microsdosing throughout the day. This is because the psychedelic properties are working, but you ultimately have control of your thought process without any cloudiness that comes from being super stoned.

How to Microdose

I suggest purchasing a “one-hitter” or a “bat”. This is a small smoking apparatus that allows you to  pack .1 at a time. If you feel stoned after one hit, pack half a one-hitter. This should work well for your microdose. The best part about microdosing is that you can smoke multiple times a day to feel that constant uplift.  Happy tokes everyone.









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