How To Pass A Drug Test: The Complete Guide

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The Infamous “Drug Test”

If you smoke weed and hear these words most likely you will not feel inspiration, but perspiration. Not to fear however! There are ways to prepare yourself for the day. Don’t get me wrong, the dreaded piss test is something that I don’t wish upon anyone, but it happens for the better or worse. For more info on drug tests, take some advice from our good friend Thad Castle.

Here are 5 important things to know about drug tests

1.Know what type of drug test you are taking:

Most likely you will be taking a urine test, where it is performed privately at the workplace. You are given a test strip and sent to the bathroom. Sometimes the employer will send you to a 3rd party location for you to submit your urine sample, in which case the test might be monitored by a 3rd party employee. The other common types of drug testing include hair, blood, and saliva testing to detect any presence of drugs in your system.


2.Know what types of drugs are tested for:

Marijuana has different chemicals that can be tested within the test, including THC, CBD, oils, edibles, and tinctures.  Other drugs that are regularly tested in drug tests include: amphetamines, opiates, and cocaine. As far as the consumption for Marijuana related chemicals, depending on the potency of your intake, this will directly affect how long the drug stays in your system.

3.The BIG QUESTION: How long does marijuana stay in your system?

This is a tough question to answer. From listening to friend’s experiences to reading articles online, everyone’s body reacts differently to marijuana use. Some things to consider when getting ready for a drug test.

  1. When you last smoked.
  2. How often did you smoke (once a week, once a day, once an hour)?
  3. The potency of Marijuana you are digesting
  4. Your body fat, weight, and metabolism

If you are a regular user, marijuana can stay in your blood and urine for as long as 90 days after last usage. On average, most people in good health can usually get clean a in month to 30 days. It all depends on how much you smoke too. If you are worried because you smoked once, 3 weeks ago, the chances of the marijuana staying in your system past a week are slim. A fair assumption is that the more you smoke the longer it will take you to become clean. If the drug test is hair follicle testing, you are talking about a different story. These tests can trace THC (active chemical in Marijuana) for months and even up to a year after usage.


4.Know the risky options out there and listen up!

Home Remedies – Nacin, Certo, vinegar, Goldenseal, Cranberry Juice, and Vinegar. Typically don’t work

Synthetic Urine – Using synthetic urine for your test. Risky

Dilution – Diluting your sample with an adulterant. Detectable

Substitution – Substituting someone’s else’s urine for yours: Risky, Detectable

Use your Head !

The safest and most common way to pass a drug test is to put down the herb for a month and drink a lot of water and exercise regularly. Your body’s own detoxification system and process will cleanse your urine as well as blood naturally over time. THC is a fat soluble meaning that traces of THC are stored in your fat cells and remain in your system over time depending on the information you gathered above. So, for those of you who are on the heavier side, give yourself a little bit more time to cleanse.

If you just don’t have the time and need to be clean asap, look at these products.

Cleansing Using a Detoxification Program:

Cleanse the day of:

Lastly, I just want to wish you good luck, if by chance you have an upcoming drug test.  If you are cleansing yourself from hardcore drugs, please reconsider starting them up again after the drug test. If you could stop during the cleaning period, you have what it takes to stop all together.

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