Cannabis Testing at ASU

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Me: So, you’re telling me; I can get paid for smoking weed?…
White Coat Person: Yes, yes that is correct.
Me: Sign me up!

Arizona State University’s Substance Use, Health and Behavior Lab is recruiting participants who are Arizona medical marijuana card holders for a cannabis related study. To qualify for the study you must be between the ages of 18 to 30. The study will take approximately 10 hours over the course of 1 week. During this week, participants will be asked to come to the lab for a two hour visit and then receive and answer several text messages following the visit for that day. Participants are also asked to complete a short survey related to their cannabis use and effects.

Here is the kicker. Participants will be compensated $95 for their voluntary involvement.

Who is conducting this study and why?

Madeline Meier, the Arizona State University researcher who oversees all the work being done at the University Substance Use, health, and Behavior Lab, has been on the forefront of ASU’s medical marijuana health research. This study will compare immediate effects of your at-home use of different types of cannabis.

Past results from Madeline Meier research trials on Cannabis use has suggested that there has been no evidence of lung dysfunction or heart problems with long term cannabis usage. And those who have used cannabis regularly over a long period had a body mass index, waist circumference, blood-sugar control, and cholesterol readings that were better than the average non-cannabis user.


Current Testing

As far as what the recent study suggest is left a mystery. When asked what the new study is about, Meier declined to comment. The ASU study doesn’t state when the study ends, or when the results will be published.

If you live in Arizona and are a cannabis health patient, feel free to contact The Behavior lab! Or check out the Arizona State University website.

Phone: (480) 727- 5799

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