Can Cannabis Help Cure Alzheimer’s?

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Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia that disrupts important mental processes. Symptoms include a loss in forming logical connections, memory, cognitive ability, and overall behavior. Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease with symptoms that usually begin with forgetfulness and disorientation. These symptoms normally progress in severity over time. Alzheimer’s patients may lose the ability to carry out daily tasks and often require constant supervision as not to endanger themselves and others.

THC Removes Plaque Buildup In The Brain

Though there is no clinically accepted cure for Alzheimer’s, preliminary evidence suggests that THC and other compounds extracted from the cannabis plant encourage the removal of amyloid beta, a plaque protein which is a key indicator in Alzheimer’s patients. Toxic plaque buildup causes inflammation, which medical experts point to as being the main contributors to dementia.



Current Status On Alzheimer Medication

The problem right now is that the healthcare system has certain medications for Alzheimer which only slow the progression of the disease, which are affective for a only a short period of time.They are trying to use antibodies to get rid of plaque that is outside the cell, but that is too late in the disease.What we are trying to do is get rid of the plaque amyloid protein while it is still inside the cell, at a much earlier stage in the progression of the disease.

So why cant we do more research on the health benefits of  Cannabis ?

The pharmaceutical companies want to stop the use of cannabis in the research community because it’s a natural product, so it can’t be patented.

That’s the reason they don’t have any incentive to use it in the development of new drugs. They can’t make money on it, so they are against it.

The more we discuss these matters and make it known that Cannabis has more benefits than we think, the more people will start to understand just how important this natural herb is to our communities. Cannabis does not just represent the lazy stoner, it actually has more benefits that lead to health and holistic personal care.


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