Battle Anxiety with these Strains

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5 Marijuana strains you should try if you suffer from anxiety.

Anxiety can come and go. Sometimes making you feel paralyzed and betrayed by your own self. However, there are coping mechanisms as well as WEED that can help relieve these symptoms that we all get from time to time.


  1. Cannatonic is a reliable high potency CBD strain. Yes, both THC and CBD have anxiety- relieving properties, but CBD is thought to be the most reliable of the two most popular cannabinoids. Sometimes the strains that have high percentages of THC can trigger anxiety, so having a high CBD strain can help avoid these situations all together. When searching for CBD strains, try to find the ones that have less than 6% THC and have at least 10% CBD content. These strains will make you feel happy and relaxed without producing too much buzz. As my great grandfather, biggins of the old used to say, “you can have sauce, and you can have CBD sauce, don’t mix the two.”


  1. Sour Tsunami is another very high yielder of the cannabinoid called CBD, or cannabinol.  Its CBD content stays around 10%, while its THC content ranges from 6 to 7%. This strain is a powerful stress-buster. Sour Tsunami is also used to battle off depression. This smoke will calm your mind and produce a clear-headed sensation.


  1. ACDC  is a unique strain. The name one to one speaks on its 1:20 CBD to THC ratio making this strain ineradicably therapeutic. Regardless of the total percentage of each cannabinoid, this strain is constantly one of the highest yielders of CBD. This ratio of cannabinoids produces a mellow psychoactive effect. Your mind and body will feel equally relaxed, but you will still have the energy needed to go about your daily activities.


  1. Cinex is probably one of the only sativa dominate strains you should try if you suffer from anxiety. This mild sativa hybrid produces very happy, mellow, and uplifting effects. It’s a very clear- headed and energizing strain, but far less in your face than top shelf sativa’s. This strain does not typically cause paranoia, but you may find yourself laughing when normally you wouldn’t, haha which is awesome.


  1. Northern Lights is a powerful indica dominate strain. If you deal with anxiety, but still love being a stoner, go with this strain. Keep it sedative, no use in smoking heady bong hits of sativa. If you need something to calm you down quickly, Northern Lights is your lady.



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