AM & PM Weed

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I call it Morning weed and Night weed. Easy. Live by it.

Morning smoke sessions, bro.

Hey morning smokers, do you ever feel burnt out from your wake and bake before lunch time strikes? Tired and hungry before lunch sounds terrible! I’m going to suggest two options for you. 1) Stop smoking weed in the morning OR 2) Start smoking strains that are sativa dominate in the morning.

Sativa strains tend to have higher levels of THC which give you that extra energized buzz in the morning. Sativa dominate strains tend to promote energy and creative thinking.  So people, if you take one message from this blog, smoke sativa in the morning (insert thumbs up sign here.) Now, I am not saying smoking weed in the morning will automatically make you a boss, however it may get you there sooner than later (insert winky face here).

The Sativa strain is super popular for social gatherings. The strain tends to evoke conversation and charisma. Warning however, wake and bake smoking is not for the beginner smoker. For some reason smoking weed early in the morning gets you super wonked. So be careful with how much you indulge with.

I suggest that you start with a few hits in the morning with your coffee, that’s what I do. And it works really well for me. This small amount of weed intake is also called micro-dosing, homie.



The Best Marijuana Stains for Sleep-

There are many reasons why people have a hard time sleeping at night. Most of the time is it just the brain overthinking the things you are immersed in on your daily routine. You hit the sheets before 11 pm and all of a sudden it is 2 am and you are still tossing and turning, I get it, we get it.  So, we have a little secret for you, start a night time regimen where you take your daily dose of CBD and mix it with a high indica strain. There are multiple factors that contribute to the soporific, sleep-inducing effects of this strain. Scientifically speaking, the active ingredient in indica strains called (CBN) or cannabinol is known for promoting sleep. So by smoking this stuff, it should help you relax.

I have friends that have a full routine where they smoke some heavy indica bud and take their daily regimen of CBD products with it and it seems to help them relax, not only mentally, but also physically.

At the end of the day you can take prescription sleeping medication, which probably isn’t the best for you. You can man up and just live a sleep deprived life (kidding), or you can roast the fattest tastiest indica nugs before bed. The choice is yours. I know the healthiest choice is to smoke that indica heady stash, kid. You should try it out!

Lastly, to find out what types of buds are sativa and indica go on the Leafly app or website and type in the types of nug that are available for you.

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