Quick Tip: How to Trim, Dry, and Cure Your Buds

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Cannabis Guide: Trimming – Drying – Curing

It is important to take your time when trimming, drying, and curing your yields.  Take a look at this video brought to you by Campcool Farms.  They briefly go over the process that will help your buds reach their maximum potential and quality. Here’s just a few of the benefits of drying and curing your buds properly. Don’t sweat it my fellow growers! You will thank yourself later for taking your time on this final stage of the grow!

Trimming details!

  1. Dramatically improves smoothness and reduces harshness of product. Proper drying breaks down chlorophyll. And proper curing breaks down leftover minerals and undesirable sugars produced by this process. All of this gives you a smoother, higher quality experience in the end product.

  2. Increases potency. Much like some types of alcohol increase in potency the longer it’s fermented, your buds will also increase their potency of compounds such as THC during the curing process.

  3. Better flavor, taste and aroma. A relatively slow cure at the proper temperatures will help preserve the aromatic compounds, or terpenes, that give your buds their unique smell and flavor.

  4. Reduces chances of mold and bacteria. When you dry and cure properly, you’ll be paying extra attention to making sure you prevent mold and bacteria.



How Long To Dry Buds

These are the ideal environmental conditions and the ideal timeline for drying:

Days 1 — 3   65 degrees and 55% humidity

Days 4 — 6  70 degrees and 50% humidity

Days  7 — 10+  73–75 degrees and 45% humidity, until they pass the snap test.


TIP: Do not stuff the buds in. You want them loosely stacked. You don’t want to deform or crush them and you need air/space around them. Leaving a quarter of your container empty toward the top will help make sure you follow this tip.


Materials needed:


Latex Gloves

Line to hang branch of nugs (Coat hangers work too)

Bucket to put trimmed (nuggets)

Bucket for excess product (sun leaves, sugar leaves, shaved bud, hairs)

Mason jars

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