How to Yield More Weed Per Plant

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Growing Methods With Ya boy Bigs….. 

How to train your plant for better yields and potency.

First off some of you may be asking wtffffff does training my plant mean!? I didn’t think going to the gym would help my grow more weed?? No, no, no, let me explain. Training is the process of damaging your plants during its early stages to give it a better structure as well as growth capacity.

 There are two techniques that divide the category of training. 

  1. LST – (Low Stress Training)
    1. LST (Low Stress Training)
    2. SCROG (Screen of Green)
  1. HST – (High Stress Training)
    1. Topping
    2. Super Cropping/Stem Mutilation

Below is an awesome video that explains training take a gander!



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