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Dear genetics,

How important are you to the success of your grow???? SO IMPORTANT. Growing a plant from seed is the best way to guarantee that your plant will be genetically strong. First generation growing is by far the way to go. That’s if you have the time to do so! I know, I know, a lot of you guys prefer grabbing clones from your friends or nearest dispensary to get those plants in vegetation as soon as possible to configure your two offset rooms.  All it takes is a few solo cups, some fertilizer, and a small led light. After germination, you can get that seed busted and sprouting in no time.

You want to look for feminized seeds when shopping online. These seeds are guaranteed to be from either  the  female or  hermaphroditic plant.  Which means, these are the seeds that produce bud. Male seeds do not.

A few things to mention though when putting a germinated seed into a small solo cup. The light should not be too close to your cup. It may cause the plant to stunt and furthermore dry it up until it dies.

Ok, finally some valuable information 🙂 lol.  Here are some of the best weed shops online. Make sure you read the fine print while on each site. Seeds are illegal in certain locations around the globe.

Top 5 Marijuana Seed Sites







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