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Dank Weed Edibles: Top three spots Online

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The Top Spots for Weed Edibles for Sale Online

Marijuana sales are soaring in Colorado, California, Arizona, New York and other states where cannabis has been legalized. But what about the rest of us?! If you currently live in a medicinal only state, or even one where marijuana is illegal, you may be tempted to purchase weed edibles for sale online.

Well… it’s not quite that easy, just yet, but you CAN order CBD-only products from any dispensary that delivers. Most dispensaries will ship THC-free products to all 50 states.


However, if you want to find weed edibles for sale online here are the top spots:

  • SOMA MD Chocolate. This artisan edibles company based out of San Francisco serves patients some of the best cannabis chocolates on the market. While you still cannot legally purchase weed edibles for sale online, you CAN pick up some delicious handmade marijuana edibles conveniently wrapped in single dose portions from the SOMA MD. Their unique CBD-rich cannabis edibles are known to offer a more physiological response that counteracts the psychoactive effects of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).


This way, when you consume edibles from the SOMA MD instead of feeling stoned, you’ll feel relaxed, happy and a sense of euphoria. All SOMA MD Chocolate marijuana edibles are made with all-natural ingredients and include high CBD content for a mentally focused high.

  1. Cheeba Chews. Named, “America’s Favorite Edibles” by High Times Magazine, Cheeba Chews have earned their reputation for being the best marijuana edibles on the market. Available in Nevada, California and Colorado, Cheeba Chews are currently stocked in approximately 800 dispensaries, and have won 3 Cannabis Cup awards!


Want to try them out for yourself? Gluten-free Cheeba Chews are available in the following flavors: Sativa Chocolate Taffy, Indica Chocolate Taffy, Hybrid Caramel, Pure CBD Chocolate Taffy, Green Hornet Gummies, and more!

While you can’t order these weed edibles for sale online, you CAN call and check with a dispensary near you! Cheeba Chews are sold to state licensed facilities, and continue growing.

  1. Casey’s Edibles. Looking for weed edibles for sale online? Casey’s Edibles ships their wonderful CBD-only and hemp products to all 50 states.


However, if you live in a state where marijuana is legal you can shop from Casey’s extensive menu in person. Here is just a sample of what they offer: THC/CBD infused topicals, extracts, capsules, nectars, pet products and accessories! Stop into this women-owned marijuana shop in Massachusetts to take a look yourself.

  1. Las Vegas ReLeaf. If you are visiting lovely Las Vegas, you can purchase weed edibles for sale online – finally! Las Vegas’ Re-Leaf center is the best place to get flower strains including Acapulco Gold, Bio Diesel, Blue Dream, Gorilla Glue and Killer Tahoe OG delivered right to your door. Now, don’t get too excited… delivery is only within the state of Las Vegas. However, if you are a state licensed patient with a card, the Las Vegas ReLeaf center will serve you.

With so many states legalizing marijuana, it is only matter of time before customers can start to see weed edibles for sale online. For the time being, you’ll have to stop by these top weed shops to pick up your favorite items in person. Tell ‘em we sent ‘ya!

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