Who is allowed to buy recreational weed in Massachusetts?

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Who is allowed to buy recreational weed in Massachusetts?

The legal age to buy recreational cannabis in the Massachusetts is 21.  Upon entry, dispensaries are legally required to check the identification of each customer that plans on purchasing product from their dispensary.

What forms of Identification work?

Driver License


(if you are a medical patient under 21, you will need your medical cart.)

There is nothing that says the out-of-state customers can’t buy recreational marijuana in Massachusetts.  However, federally, those customers are not allowed to leave the state with the purchases they made from that dispensary.

What you can buy

There are limits on what you can purchase for product as well.  Retail shops are not allowed to sell you more than one ounce of flower or five grams of concentrates in one purchase. One ounce is the maximum you can buy during one purchase, but you can have up to ten ounces of flower at home.  The 5 gram concentrates counts for dabs, edibles, and anything that has concentrates in it.

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So ya, even though you can buy weed legally, you can’t smoke it outside for the most part, or at least in public. Which is a drag, but then again being arrested for it would suck even more. Go MA.

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