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Massachusetts Recreation Weed Dispensaries Generate $2.2 million in sales in first five days

In case you’ve been under a rock, the first two recreational weed dispensaries launched in Massachusetts. In just the first five days of business, these two generated over $2.2 Million in sales.

Cultivate – a dispensary located in Leicester and NETA – another located in Northampton moved over 56,000 “units” of cannabis.

We’re excited that the people of Massachusetts have embraced the new shops and are supporting “local biz”. It seems like the state’s holdout didn’t deter anyone, nor did the location of the dispensaries.

What we’re really interested in seeing are the next locations to open – I think everyone has the same thoughts… What the hell is a Leicester and where is the second “h” in Northampton?


But on the real, the first two approved dispensaries were not put in the middle of no-where for no-reason. The state had their hand in this like a young camper in the fondu chocolate at the Tony Perkis Food party.


I’m guessing that the revenue (and more specifically the tax dollars) generated in the first 5 days will make the state think a bit differently. Imagine what those numbers would have been if those two dispensaries were located in downtown Boston or Southie?

I mean ahhh you kiddin’ me kehd!?

In the end, Troy and I are stoked for our beloved state – they have been battling and now we, the people, can legally buy weed.

Back in high school I never thought those words would come out of my mouth.

Props to Massachusetts and stay tuned for updates.

One Love

– Steel

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