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Marijuana delivery in Boston: Where to get your Weed

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Marijuana Delivery In Boston:  Breaking down the Buds

One of the sickest aspects of a medical marijuana dispensary is that a shit ton of them offer delivery services. This can be a godsend for those of us who don’t feel like getting up off of our asses, as well as the people who really can’t make it all the way to the dispensary because of health reasons. Regardless of why you don’t want to make the journey, dispensaries will gladly drop off your bud right to your door. While the deliveries are limited to cars at the moment, we thought we’d be a bit innovative and cook up some of the best ways we’d like to see green arrive on our doorsteps.

Drones. Nothing proves that the future is here like drones. These crazy little robots are absolutely insane, being able to travel great distances by remote control. While your mind might be completely blown by a drone showing up with your weed, you’ll definitely be appreciative of how fast and efficient these sons of bitches can be.

Boston Marijuana Delivery Comes In Many Shapes and Smells

Hawks. You heard us. Hawks. How awesome would it be to hear the majestic call of a hawk above your home. You run outside, look to the skies and see this beautiful bird soaring high above. Then just like the brilliant feathered beast that it is,  from its claws a small package falls down to your hands: your bud. Maybe this is unreasonable, but if it were possible you know everyone would want to get weed delivered this way.

Rollerblading Chick. Sometimes, all you need is a little bit of excitement to make a situation worthwhile. Most of us are used to getting deliveries by a dude in a uniform, looking like he’s seen better days. When it comes to weed, it would be amazing to answer the door and see a smokeshow in rollerblades, booty shorts and a tank. Imagine her rolling around by your front door. Hell, it wouldn’t even matter if she had weed at that point, the show would be enough. Nah, forget that. You still want the weed.

Puppies. Hell. Yes. Puppies would be sick as shit. Dogs are the best, and having puppies show up at your house is one of the best things imaginable. Its made even better when your realize these fuzzy little guys are holding your prized weed for you. If heaven is real, then puppies and weed are both waiting there.

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