Huxton: The Great Herb Company

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HUXTON is a brand of cannabis that is one of the first lines of marijuana known to brand their strains. Today, the Huxton brand is well-known in the cannabis industry for leaving behind traces of its positive legacy. The cannabis brand shows long-term potential in a growing market and today, you’ll find Huxton teaming up with some of the leaders in the cannabis industry to better the community overall.

Holy Cow These Collabs Are Sick!

Huxton is one of three brands owned by a company called Adakai. Under this umbrella you’ll find Omaha Farms, one of the nation’s premier cannabis research, development and production facilities. Monarch Wellness Center, a top medical marijuana dispensary known for its exceptional commit to patient care. And, then of course, the Huxton brand of cannabis.  

Just this December Adaki took this trio and partnered with a Phoenix based non-profit organization to launch the Confident Woman campaign, raising awareness about domestic violence. This collaboration included Monarch Wellness Center, The Giving Tree Wellness Center and Huxton to become the first ever medical marijuana product collab to benefit a non-profit organization.

The collab end product is a hybrid strain of cannabis called “Confident Woman.”

“We are honored to partner with The Giving Tree to create the first ever co-branded product and give back to our community,” said Jennifer Dresbach, operations manager of Monarch Wellness Center. “This is the first time that two dispensary organizations have come together to not only create a product, but to benefit the greater good of the community. Monarch is passionate about the responsible development of our industry for the goodness and care of our community – locally and nationally.”

The cross is a combination of The Giving Tree’s “LA Confidential” and HUXTON’s “Wonder Woman” – two high-potency indica strains well-known for their ability to reduce anxiety and restlessness, and even PTSD symptoms.



Confident Woman is balanced into two half- gram Pre-Rolls – for just $15! And when you purchase Confident Woman you can feel good about it, not just because you’re gonna be floating high above your holiday cares, but because fifty percent of all Confident Woman cannabis sales benefit the Chrysalis Domestic Abuse Shelter.

If you want to support this exclusive Huxton collaboration, you can purchase Confident Woman Pre-Rolls in Arizona at Monarch Wellness Center in Scottsdale, and The Giving Tree Wellness Center’s locations in Mesa and Phoenix. Or, alternatively if you want to support the cause and victims of domestic abuse, residents outside of Arizona can join the Confident Woman cause by making a donation online on the Confident Woman’s website.

Other Huxton Collab Projects in The Works

Cannabis food and wine pairings are one of the hottest high-end trends in the marijuana community. Now, everyone is anxiously awaiting the reveal of an upcoming collab with Huxton, The Clever Root, Keifer Madness, Micah Mixing, and Fineste – a Modern Gastronomy restaurant (coming soon!).

HUXTON is a brand that exists to compliment your cannabis infused lifestyle. Huxton cannabis products are all made from naturally-cultivated plants. Using small batch, top canopy single-strain plants, the end product is hand trimmed, and then slowly cured for maximum terpene flavor profiles. Add any of their products to your everyday life or celebrate with their top-shelf cannabis strains. Any way you enjoy Huxton, Enjoy Proudly!

Keep your eyes peeled on Huxton’s social media pages for more info on upcoming collabs.


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