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5 Best 24/7 Marijuana Dispensaries in L.A. – WITH Delivery!

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If you didn’t already know that there are 24/7 marijuana dispensaries in LA, don’t waste your time with lesser services. Here are our editor’s picks for the top 5 medical delivery services in L.A. (open 24 hours of course):


1.CWC 25CAP – OPEN 24 HOURS! This LA dispensary is there any time you need them! With just a quick phone call you can be receiving that good good in under 30 minutes. CWC 25cap has an extensive menu including top notch indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. They have never let me down. Besides being a great dispensary; add the hassle free 24/7 delivery service and you’ve got all your bases covered. CWC offers quick & easy registration with just a simple login required for viewing. California Wellness Center (CWC) is a professional service that offers first-timers a free medicated gift to welcome you into their family! Don’t delay!! The experienced delivery staff at CWC provides easy access of marijuana to those in the L.A. area looking for that special bag.

2. Extra Special Delivery. This marijuana clinic not only provides an extensive menu featuring the finest strains and professionally produced edibles, they also deliver what you ordered right to your door – for free! That’s right your marijuana hops into that taxi and makes his way to you for free! Their delivery area covers all of Los Angeles County and the San Fernando Valley. The best part is that when you start to get antsy, you can just pull up their real-time GPS tracking application and watch the driver approach your home. There’s nothing like bud tracking to make you feel extra special….an prepared; who has the dutch!?


3. The Good Life Marijuana Delivery Service. If you are looking for top shelf 24/7 marijuana dispensaries in LA, look no further! This spot offers that Good Life, where the potency of the marijuana buds are guaranteed to score 29% yield of THC content. No seeds! No stems! Some of that real sticky icky! This non-profit wellness center is dedicated to offer the BEST holistic medicine for the lowest possible donation. When you call, ask about first-time patient discounts. The Good Life Marijuana Delivery Service area covers Malibu to Hermosa Beach allowing easy access to marijuana for residents.

4. Cal Trees 24/7. If you need trees at odd hours delivered to your door by friendly drivers, get on the phone with Cal Trees. This is one of the most professional 24/7 marijuana dispensaries in LA. They offer a widely diverse menu so you can shop for indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. Call Trees also sells extracts such as shatter, concentrate and THC capsules. They also have some of the most mouth-watering edibles including animal cookies – ( I’m getting hungry just thinking about it) -lollipops and Oreo shake chocolate bars. Drooling yet? Judging by their Refer-a-Friend program your friends might like them, too. Also, don’t forget any vape gear you need, or a pre roll cones and other smoking accessories. They’ve got it!

That good-good coming at ya!

5. OG2GO Marijuana Delivery Service. Located in Beverly Hills, this local dispensary has a menu to die for. With 24/7 delivery service, OG2GO prides themselves on punctual service. What’s better than being able to call in for nuggets? ( You may be pondering the question, but let me just reel you back in real quick. With quick, prompt service, OG2GO Delivery Service is an easy pick if you are in the Beverly area. Rest assured in the OG2GO guarantee: Serve the patients with the most potent products available. Want to put it to the test? Call them up!

If you are like most California residents, you have been waiting for the best 24/7 marijuana dispensaries in LA to deliver their full menu right to your door – with just one phone call! Well… the wait is over, and that time is now.

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