Ambary Gardens: The Fountain of Youth

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Where to Get the BEST High CBD: An Interview with Ambary Gardens

We recently had the chance to sit down and chat with Samer Ablimona and Ben Hoffer of Ambary Gardens, one of the leading CBD hemp growing operations in Colorado. Offering high-CBD/low-THC products out of their local grow house/shop in Kittredge, CO.  Ambary Gardens offers products online to all 50 states.

With an extensive background in working with high-CBD strains, the folks at Ambary Gardens know what’s what when it comes to industrial hemp. If you were to ask these guys, they could tell you all about the low quality of high-CBD strains before cannabis went recreational,

“Back then, everything was poorly cultivated, using throw-away materials. Ambary Gardens has set out to change the game.”

A safer alternative to prescription drugs. No physical addiction!

The Ambary Gardens Mission

When we asked Samer Ablimona and Ben Hoffer what’s really behind Ambary Gardens, they told us about the mission.

“Initially, the thought was… Let’s provide people who need high-CBD medical cannabis with the highest-quality products at a good price, so they aren’t lured into purchasing low-quality CBD hemp. Because we could tell back then, that’s all they were getting! And it wasn’t very cool.”

Oh Samer, don’t think we don’t remember…

“So, we decided to create an industrial hemp grow designed specifically for high-CBD medical use. After we knew what the task was, we set out to fill the void of high-quality CBD industrial hemp. We started with a greenhouse, and began the process.”

“From start to finish it is 100% Organic in a controlled environment so we can deliver only high-CBD females,but with CBD, Terpenes and THC below the .3% threshold.”

Try to find THAT high of a quality CBD product today and you may come up short. Sam explains, that, today, so many growers are still fighting to understand that high-CBD strains are used medically to address real ailments, and this isn’t something to be taken lightly.

While Samer Ablimona and Ben Hoffer take this very seriously, they also have a lot of fun… Here’s more about what goes down at Ambary Gardens.

The Story Behind Ambary Gardens

It all started out with Steve (owner), and Samer (co-founder). Back when Steve was simply trying to grow lettuce, he was still struggling with leaves that were wilting, how to balance pH and wondering why he wasn’t getting large yields. But then Sam came along. He knew more about what it takes to design and grow, as well as the details about how it all works. From there things went in a new direction.

Together, the duo learned about various extraction methods and the synergy between their skill-sets, which is when Ambary Gardens started to flourish and also when they teamed up with their other partner, Ben.

How it came to be

Back when things were just getting off the ground, Steve’s daughter Sarah had a terrible nuero-muscular condition known as scoliosis, which required her to undergo four spinal fusions between the ages of 12-15. Because the majority of her spine was fused, day-to-day life was very painful. 

” After heavy intervention during my adolescence, I turned towards integrative medicine and alternative methods of healing and treating pain since I could no longer tolerate the heavy regimen of narcotics that was prescribed. This is what led me to cannabis, combined with yoga and meditation. Since then, I’ve found a way to manage daily pain without prescribed narcotics and their side effects. “

That was around the time the two teamed up and what happened was nothing short of magical. They began to dive into the vast world of the underutilized properties of hemp. This chance partnership allowed a HUGE opportunity for Steve to help his daughter relieve the acute aches and pains of her illness, (not to mention his nagging fees!).

How High-CBD Can Help You

The majority of medical cannabis users that require high-CBD strains are between the ages of 50 to 70. And many of these people are terrified to use cannabis! They don’t know how it works, and for the most part they don’t even know what CBD is. If you are one of these people, here is a very quick breakdown: CBD stands for Cannabidiol. And it is only ONE of the estimated 113 active cannabinoid chemicals identified in industrial cannabis plant. Not to be confused with THC, the photo-cannabinoid chemical responsible for the psychoactive properties of cannabis, CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid.

And it works! CBD, in any form, has taken the medical cannabis industry by storm and now that things are really starting to blossom, everyone is getting in on the action! Count in the kids, elderly and your pets… the gap is closing. Now that there is far less confusion about this plant, a new love and application is growing. And everyone from high-rise skyscrapers, to those living in rural towns know it.


Where Can I Get My Hands on High-Quality CBD?

Ambary Gardens website is a top choice to buy CBD. Specializing in the highest-quality medical CBD products, you’ll be happy after strolling into this quiet mountain community shop. Serving the locals with top of the line CBD products, Steve & Sam laugh when someone walks into the shop, looking for flower and leaving with CBD. Sam says, “It happens a lot, too!”

What’s more, the folks at Ambary Gardens even provide new customers with a one-on-one CBD consultation. After all, Sam remembers what it’s like to be confused about how it all works, and so there is always an educated CBD consultant on hand to talk about what your ailments are, and to answer any questions you have about getting relief. Ambary Gardens offers you a place to sit down, and get the education you need about how high-CBD. Not to mention that this all happens in a quiet mountain atmosphere where you can be comforted though the experience. So stop by, or give Sam and Steve a call!

The entire staff at Ambary Gardens is excited to walk you through the shop so you can learn more about why high-CBD is so popular, and effective.

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