Wiz Khalifa: First Pitch

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Wiz Khalifa causes uproar by pretending to smoke a joint at opening pitch.

The Pittsburg native was invited to the Pirates final home game at PNC Park a few days ago…with a gestured joint in hand. The Pittsburg Pirates and the MLB franchises were not impressed.

Khalifa, a noted cannabis advocate, also proudly sported a “Legalize It” T-shirt and pretended to smoke a joint on the pitcher’s mound prior to throwing the ceremonial pitch to home plate before the Pirates took the field against the Baltimore Orioles.

What did the MLB have to say?

Marijuana is a probated substance in all of our drug programs and it is unfortunate this situation occurred,” said MLB spokesman Pat Courtney. “The Pirates have informed us that this should not have happened.”

While it does seem like a somewhat odd venue to promote cannabis legalization, do you blame Wiz for doing so? Advocating a movement that has already become legal in 30 states across the US doesn’t seem like too out of the picture, does it?


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