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Stoner Cinema: Grandma’s Boy

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Some folks like movies; some folks like marijuana. For those people who enjoy both those pastimes, makes recommendations for movies you should watch while high—we like to call ’em Tasty Nuggets for a Smokin’ Movie Night! In our latest Stoner Cinema blog spotlighting weed-centric movies, we dive deep into the slacker-stoner laugher, GRANDMA’S BOY (2006). Warning: Some of what you’re about to read and see is highly adult content, and most definitely NSFW (not safe for work)!

When life gets you down, there’s nothing like spending time with your grandma to pick you up—especially when she and her septuagenarian girlfriends are getting baked on your stash!

In my opinion, “Grandma’s Boy” is THE funniest cannabis comedy ever made—a move your should definitely watch while high. And it comes courtesy of a host of familiar faces you’ll recognize as supporting players from various Adam Sandler joints.

Alex (a likable Allen Covert) works as a video game tester and suffers from severe arrested development. When he’s evicted from his apartment because his roomie blows the rent money on Filipino hookers, Alex has to find a new place to live—and winds up crashing with his beloved grandmother, Lilly (Doris Roberts of “Everybody Loves Raymond” fame) and her two roommates: promiscuous Grace (Shirley Jones of “The Partridge Family”) and over-medicated, addle-brained Bea (Shirley Knight).

Unfortunately for Alex, living with this AARP-approved trio puts a serious damper on his personal life: He can’t develop his own video game because the ladies are always using the TV; he can’t woo his new love interest (and boss), Samantha (Linda Cardellini, charming as ever); and he certainly can’t engage in his favorite pastime—smoking pot with his colorful collection of pals, including stunted man-child Jeff (a hilarious Nick Swarsdon), and bronzed bonkers weed dealer, Dante (Peter Dante).

Having likable, relatable good guys with heart isn’t enough to keep you vested in “Grandma’s Boy.” Luckily, the movie benefits from having one of the best comedic villains in recent times: Douche-y, socially awkward tech-bro JP, the video game wunderkind who’s now struggling with his latest masterpiece and giving everyone at the agency hell because of it. Donned in a Matrix-inspired black leather outfit and lapsing into a robot-voice whenever he’s confronted on his B.S., JP is so unlikable, yet so quotable, that his presence in this flick elevates it to pure (Panama) gold. Some industrious video editor even cut together JP’s greatest hits reel, just for your your viewing pleasure!

We can’t let the credits roll without giving major props to Shirley Jones’ portrayal of so-called “Silver Fox,” Grace. She steals every scene she’s in with her blazingly brazen turn as a cougar going after boy-toy Jeff. Nothing sums up Grace’s libido-laden comedy like this exchange:

GRACE: I once gave Charlie Chaplin a handjob.

JEFF: Wow, was he silent?

GRACE: Not after I got through with him.

Ha! “Grandma’s Boy” serves up a cornucopia of hysterical one-liners, sexual shenanigans, and weed-fueled mayhem that should delight anyone, from straight-edge newbies to stone-cold stoners. From grandmas getting stupid high on cannabis tea, to Dante’s off-the-wall scheme to use a lion to guard his secret stash of potent pot strains, to Kevin Nealon as a New Age cannabis-loving video game CEO, “Grandma’s Boy” is the perfect flick to watch while getting high with friends. BONUS: Watch the commentary track on the DVD/Blu-ray, and take a toke every time you hear the cast doing bong hits while recording! Just don’t smoke the Brown Bomber—unless you want to shit your pants, that is.

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