No Grinder? No Worries!

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Ok Dudes and Dudettes

Incase you do forget your weed grinder and need to use the resources around you, take a look of this list:

  1. Coffee Grinder
  2. Cheese Grater
  3. Pizza Cutter
  4. Knife  & cutting board
  5. Scissors & shot glass
  6. A coin & Container

Now the fun part! The Break Down* … Get it?

Brought to you by: LoadedUp

Coffee Grinder – The Coffee grinder actually makes the bud too fine, same thing with a smoothie machine. It cuts it so much, its like sand. No good. Maybe if you want to pack a bowl, that would be ok.  Anything to do with rolling – your asking for a problem.  SCORE  4- 10

Cheese Grater – The Cheese Grater works pretty well.  The functionality of it get’s the job done, but it isn’t the most safe . One thing about the cheese grater is that when you get to about .3 to .4 left of the bud, you start to grate your fingers! For that reason I’m giving the cheese grater  5-10.

Pizza Cutter – The Pizza Cutter is an interesting one. You would think that the cutter would slice right through the bud. Very dry bud works well with the pizza cutter. It usually just crumbles apart with the pressure you are putting down on it. But with any semi-moist nug, your’e going to have a hard time. Based on the bud consistency and outliers…. giving the pizza cutter a weak  SCORE 3-10

Knife & Cutting Board – Gordon Ramsey is a dick and for that reason I would not consider using a knife and cutting board. No style points and if anything your’e just dirtying dishes.  SCORE 2-10

Scissors & Shot Glass – Now we’re talking boys. Very easy, very simple, same thing. I do recommend scissors and a shot glass because it cuts up the bud easily.  You do not waste any of the keef that comes off the bud during the cutting and best of all it stays right in the glass for easy access to put into bowl, bong, or paper. SCORE  9-10

Coin and Container – If you have some pent up anger I recommend the coin in a container approach. This trimming doesn’t work for every type of bud, but if you have some dry stuff laying around use this method it will slice and dice right through it. Make sure you clean the coin that you use. I have used quarters and dimes. I recommend a coin that has some rivets on the outside. The nickel is smooth, it will not work!


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