Bud Culture: Back then, and now

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“I always tell my dad that the weed today is way better than that hippy shit.” “But, I have no clue if that is actually true.”  -Bigs age 27

First product to land in the United States.

In the early 1970’s a majority of the marijuana being smoked in the United States was being imported illegally from places like Columbia and Mexico. This weed was often times being transported in mass quantities in cargo containers for months on end until reaching the States. This same product was exposed to high temperatures throughout each journey reducing the marijuana’s potency. Logistically, the long journey also caused the bud to go stale because of poor oxidation.

The 80’s were weird.

Hydroponic systems were introduced in the 1980’s which made personal growing more attainable for those trying to up their ends. This movement allowed potheads across the United States to partake in the craft of growing marijuana in their own homes.  Popular strains were hitting the market before long, causing an uproar in potent bud strains with heavy THC percentages.


Combining indigenous varieties to create new strains resulted in more potent strains. Cultivators were feminizing these indigenous strains causing new genetics strains that tested higher in THC.

“It is no wonder why the weed starts to get better during this time, dudes and chicks were able to go down into their basement and start growing kryptonite. It was so much more accessible than waiting for shipments from Columbia and Mexico .” “These hippies were smoking stems, leaves, and bud all at the same time back in the day..”

Marijuana back in the early 1970’s was pretty much smoking the hemp plant. These cultivators were growing as much plants under the sun as they possibly could. Male and female plants mixed together causing the plants THC count to stay low. And because of this the THC content was at a mere 1 -5 % back in the 70’s, whereas today potent bud can range from 15-40% !

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