Bowl Packin: The Right Way’

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There are SO many ways to smoke cannabis. But this article right here is specific for smoking out of the ol’ peace pipe. Whether you are packing fat bowls for yourself or at a party environment, it is important to get the basics down in order to utilize all the green in your pipe. Yes there are way’s to fu*# up a bowl pack. Pay attention!

The Break Down

Adapted from traditional pipes used for tobacco, the cannabis pipe shares all of the same characteristics. Pipes consist of a “bowl” (thus the vernacular reference), which is a round basin deep enough to pack herbs in, as well as an airtight channel that delivers airflow through a mouthpiece. In many cases, pipes also contain a second air channel known as a carb that is used to influence the maximum delivery of airflow through the mouthpiece. Essentially, as long as a pipe contains at the very least the first two items, you can smoke cannabis out of it.

The main essentials to pack a bowl

A bowl – if there is a big draw hole, make sure to pack something on the bottom to slightly clog up. Fire – lighter or hemp wick works.  Some prefer hemp wick because it doesn’t give you that nasty taste that lighters do. Ganja! – It is important to source only the most heady ganja.

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Preparing cannabis for smoking a bowl is essential in order to maximize airflow through your device and deliver the most even smoke possible. In order to do this, breaking down your herb is a crucial step. Doing this creates a homogenous airflow through the bowl where smoke can pass through evenly.

There are a few tricks to packing a pipe that will help to maximize airflow:

Ensure that your weed is evenly broken down but not too finely ground. Hand pulling your herb is the most basic way to do this, but grinders make this process much easier. There are many ways to break your cannabis down, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

Use a stem and/or a nice-sized intact calyx to stuff at the very bottom of your bowl to prevent particulates from passing though. You can also use a screen if you have one available. This will also facilitate better airflow.

Pack your herb very lightly at the bottom and slightly denser at the top for an even smoke. This allows the cannabis towards the top to maintain a burn, or “cherry” while opening airflow for easy inhalation without any clogging.

Traditionally, the provider of the cannabis will determine who gets to light the first hit. To make sure everyone gets the same experience, make sure to corner your bowl by only lighting a fraction of the visible cannabis.

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