The term “Cannachiloma” is a combination of words including, “Canna” (from Cannabis) and “Chiloma” (from the latin term for container). Developed to put an end to the reputation of the unorganized stoner, Cannachiloma was made to appeal to marijuana users 18 years and older. “ Cannachiloma provides not only a product but a term that can be used to bring class and acceptance to the use of cannabis in both private and public settings.

If you’re a cannabis user, you probably have had those moments where you are kicking back with friends who are spilling, wasting and otherwise ruining their high-quality cannabis with plastic jars, or dropping flower on the floor due to flimsy baggies. It’s so frustrating! Or you’re with friends and someone poses that classic question, “Do you have any green?” only to have someone pull out a crumpled baggie with crushed flower sadly clinging to the lining. However, this will never have to happen again. Because today, if you hear that question, you can respond strong and confident, “Hey, yeah bud…I have a Cannachiloma.” Problem solved!

How to Shop Cannachiloma and What to Buy:Cannachiloma currently offers a line of fully customizable cannabis containers, available in over 20 different colors, with hundreds of combinations to work with. Presently, the line includes 3 different sizes of 420-friendly Cannachilomas. But soon, the cannabis container company will provide several other containers including 3 sizes of 710-friendly Cannachilomas, rolling trays, dugouts and much more.

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"It’s all about the mission: puttin’ the class in stashin’ your grass! One customer at a time."

-JT, Founder