Recreational Dispensary

Two recreational marijuana dispensary locations have popped in the state of Massachusetts. Cultivate located in Leicester, Ma and NETA located in North Hampton, Ma.  Sources say these locations are off to a good start. Check out the links provided for more detail!

The Massachusetts state map you see below is broken up into towns and cities. Each town or city has its own municipality; in or its own local government/ corporate structure . Within each town, the municipality officials write laws called “ordinances”.  These ordinances allow recreational shops to open or not. The key indicates which towns and cities have put a ban on the idea already. You will not find dispensaries within the cities colored in Red.


Massachusetts town-by-town Recreation Marijuana Policy

Question 4 Vote :
Ban :
Moratorium :
Moratorium Expiration Date :

Boston Massachusetts

"According to the commission, a grand total of $2,217,621.13 and 56,380 items were sold during this time period of the two shops opening. "

-Connor MacNeil, Co-Founder